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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Old Burger, New Burger

It seems these days there has been a reinvention of sorts in the way of some classic foods are being cooked; from sous vide, to the reverse sear, there's a promise that food tastes better, more complex. Which made me wonder what this new fad regarding the 'smashed burger' is all about.
The premise is simple, take your standard meat patty, halve it, cook it on a cast iron skillet and flatten the hell out l of it, add some melted American cheese between two flattened patties to keep them moist. The logic is a faster cooking time and a "crunchy" patty.
I decided to do a like for like comparison between a smashed patty cheese burger and a standard cheese burger, using the same amount of meat, and ingredients.. this was going to be fun!

The Bread
I sought about a quick and easy means to make my hamburger buns (I like the fact that I can say to people I've made everything from scratch). I found a 40 minute bun recipe online (thanks Google) and an hour later I had some buns ready for action! 

The Burgers 
Add some salt, peppery goodness and some gentle shaping the patties were ready. The smashed patties took 1 minute each, while my standard patty I had cook for 3 minutes (I like my meat medium rare!). 
I loaded each of my burgers with the following: mayonnaise, BBQ & Sriracha sauces, melted cheese, crispy iberico Jakob (fancy bacon) and lettuce.

Smashed Cheese Burger

"Standard" Cheese Burger

The Result
To be honest with you I couldn't really tell the difference between the two patty styles in terms of crunchiness; the melted cheese nullified the thin patties. Prep and coming time for the smashed patties was also longer and making sure the patty was flat enough and still "flip-able" may also be a challenge to some. 
Personally I'm a traditionalist, the original was more juicy and flavorful, crispiness wise both were on par. 

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