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Monday, July 11, 2016

Salted Egg Burger

Word has it that the flavour of the month (well the last few months at least) is anything salted egg; from the salted egg pau (which is a dim sum staple) to a salted egg croissant. It seems the big boys of the fast food world have jumped on the bandwagon with 'The Golden Arches' releasing an incarnation of a salted egg chicken burger.
Fierce debate has been raging online regarding the 'shiokness' (how good it tastes) of it, most reports from the people on the ground have given it a thumbs down.

After waking up in the middle of the night wanting to try it I decided to take the plunge and try making it for myself with a little help from a colonel!
Having gone to the wet-market earlier I managed to get my hands on 6 salted duck eggs and a 10 piece feed / bucket from the colonel. So here's the recipe for my salted egg chicken burger..

6 sated egg yolks
20-30 Curry leaves
2-3 Chili padi
1-2 ears of garlic
20g butter
6 pieces of fried chicken from Kentucky
6 hamburger buns

1. Steam egg yolks for 10 mins
2. Mash egg yolks until fine paste
3. Finely dice garlic
4. Slice Chili
6. Heat oil in wok and add salted egg stir until foamy, add garlic
7. Cook for 2-3 mins then set aside
8. In a separate pan fry Chili and curry leaves in oil until fragrant add butter
9. Whisk until foamy
10. Add chicken piece by piece and coat accordingly
11. Remove chicken and let it dry on a wire rack
12. Assemble bun with the lettuce at the bottom and you're done!

See how easy it is? No messy yellow goop the salted egg clings nicely to the chicken while not impacting its crunchiness!

Sorry McDonalds you're not going to catch me eating your burger when I can have this myself at home. It's a little bit of work I have to say BUT worth it in the end, no soggy tasteless chicken.

In my next iteration I'll try making the fried chicken myself using my own special blend of herbs and spices!


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