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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

".. Something I just threw together"

Who says dinner need be a complicated affair? Today I whipped up one of the quickest light dinners of all time; 5 minutes to be exact! All you need is the following:
- A handful of snow peas 
- Tablespoon of oil
- Dried Ebi prawns
- Oyster sauce (or in my case some Bak Kwa marinade from Shermays kitchen)
- A dash of light soy sauce

Now don't blink, it'll be over in an instant;
1. Heat your pan until its hot
2. Add oil
3. Add snow peas
4. Sauté for 1 minute 
5. Add oyster/Bak Kwa marinade
6. Cook for 2 minutes
7. Remove from the pan and add the Ebi
8. Move the Ebi around so it mops up all the remaining sauce (less to wash later!!)
9. Top the snow peas with the now crunchy Ebi 
10. Eat!

Simple ya?


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