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Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Simplicity of Porridge

Porridge in my mind is a dish that is generally only eaten when you're sick. It's a bland concoction of watery soft rice with maybe some pork, fish or century egg.. Sounds familiar?

Well taking a visit to my usual post tennis haunt today one of my tennis buddies suggest we get the duck porridge, with a little trepidation I sheepishly agreed to a bowl.. What happened next was far from bland and boring!

Oh yes, come to papa

Aside from a bowl full of gruel and spoonfuls of sauce, this plate of heaven followed: duck deboned, hard boiled egg, liver, braised pork, two types of tofu and braised peanuts! A mini mountain for four hungry men!

Anything but bland!

After a little arranging on my part for the obligatory photo it was spoon and chopsticks in!

The rice as you would expect in porridge was soft and silky, coupled with the duck gravy and other bits of protein.. Yum!

Being a greedy lot one of them also ordered a bowl of yellow noodles, I'm not too much of angst of the yellow mee here in Singapore; it's a little too hard and chewy for my liking.

You can find this stall of goodness at Chuan Kee - Boneless Braised Duck, Block 150A Ghim Moh Temporary market

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