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Thursday, February 12, 2015

I'm No Potatoe!

Found myself at Outram Park and feeling a little peckish; so my friend and I were wondering where and what to eat when I suddenly thought of visiting the very much blogged about Potato Head Folk at  Keong Saik street.

Drink first eat later; always 'thirsty' we decided some fermented grapes were needed!

I ordered for myself the Honkey Tonk burger: buttermilk fried chicken in a bun

While the burger in itself was huge.. Sadly it fell short of the mark; it was too big for any normal human being to eat with their hands, the sauce and the coleslaw was a little excessive and over powering that I couldn't taste the chicken and there was a small puddle of juice + sauce on my tray I could have swam in it!

WaAay too thick for any mere mortal! I do have to say that the location itself is a nice place to chill out at; until someone decided to turn the volume of the music up loud, the staff were very very friendly! It's just a pity the burger didn't justify the amount I paid for it.. Oh well there was the wine and the company to compensate for that!

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