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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Off the Beaten Menu

Here's a quick-fire way to get yourself fed in under 7 minutes. Granted you're using a few pre-made semi instant stuff with some leftovers, but it's a delicious meal none the less.

So what am I talking about? A fusion of east meets west: Pulled Pork Roti Plaster! The roti plaster is something that people here in Singapore & Malaysia have grown up with: a roti with a egg cracked on the outside. It's usually eaten with some curry to moisten it (along with a nice runny egg yolk).

My version consisted of the standard roti plaster, but I stuffed mine some juicy pulled pork and basil.

• instant cook roti prata
• one egg
• pulled pork
• handful of sweet basil

1. Reheat pulled pork and sauce in pan
2. Dice small handful of basil and incorporate into pulled pork
3. Remove and set aside
4. In same pan cook the roti prata I one side
5. Once cooked, flip the roti to cook the other side, on the cooked side crack the egg and season with pepper
6. Flip the prata to cook for an additional 1 minute
7. Remove from pan and stuff with pulled pork and basil, fold over the roti

Bon appetite!

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