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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Meals on Wheels?

Houston, Texas

Melange Creperie

(713) 555-1212
1001 Studewood Map.f5e7842
Houston, TX 77008
I love crepes! The thought of a the thinner version of a pancake stuffed with sweet or savory ingredients sends my mind a flutter.  When we happened to change upon this mobile stall I was very pleasantly surprised!

Having the intention to get my second filling of hotdogs in as many weeks, I was left deflated to find that the food truck wasn’t were it was suppose to be, so leaving the area with a heavy heart the girl spotted this little stall out of the corner of her eye and we decided to make a very quick and impromptu ‘u-turn’
Don’t be mistaken by this seemingly innocent little stall, they churn out delicious crepes that brought back memories of me eating tons of them when I was in Paris.
IMG_0114 [1024x768]
By the time we got there it was closer towards lunch; most of the good stuff was already finished Sad smile I managed to get myself a ham and cheese crepe while the other 1/2 managed to get a banana nutella crepe, this shop punches well above it’s weight, the crepes were thin but not too thin that your ingredients spewed out and everywhere and the crepe itself was light and tasty and didn’t overpower any of the fillings.  The chap manning the stall was a nice fellow who was more than happy to have a chat with while he whipped up these little pockets of indulgence; and by the way he is very serious about his crepes, I saw him ‘bin’ two that were not up to his level of satisfaction; a big thumbs up from me for ensuring your food is top notch!
IMG_0112 [1024x768]
I swear that if we were only there a little earlier I would have had another!  If you’re going to swing by for a crepe be sure you do so earlier in the morning before the good stuff runs out!  The perfect way to start your weekend!
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