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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh My..

Houston Texas

Oh My Gogi!
(281) 694-4644
West Loop
Rice Village  
Houston, TX 77005
This was the main reason for me to drive to Rice Village; the promise of Korea and Mexican food.  On the previous weekend in Houston I drove by late at night to find a horde of people munching away on piles and piles of Korean styled tacos!  I knew that this was something that I had to try!

While we had to wait for the food truck to open a quick visit for a bite of Italian was in order (D’Amico’s).
IMG_0101 [1024x768]
After slightly over stuffing ourselves at dinner we headed across the road to spy on the now open food truck, funky music and student flowing out from the adjoining pub to get their eats, but funnily enough the majority of the crowd queuing were Asian.  What can I say we know our food!
IMG_0106 [1024x768]
Korean BBQ Taco – Beef Short Rib with fresh lettuce and topped with some homemade salsa, and wrapped in a corn tortilla!  All I can say is “Om nom nom”; it was nothing short of delicious.  The short rib was fantastically seasoned, with the slightly spicy salsa and the thin and tasty corn tortilla I was a happy man.  If not for the earlier dinner I could have eaten the entire truck!
This is somewhere I definitely want to come back to.. provided I find out a way to have a second stomach!
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