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Friday, May 4, 2012

A Trip to Denny’s

Austin Texas

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Yeah I know it’s a diner chain; but hey what’s a trip to the US without a pit stop to Denny’s?  My last visit to a Denny’s was way back at Gilroy Shopping village in California and that was for a monstrous breakfast.  As soon as I knew I was bound for the US again I was set upon getting my teeth into their chicken fried steak (CFS).

What is a chicken fried steak I hear you ask?  It is in its simplest form traditionally unwanted steak flattened then coated in panko/breadcrumbs, then deep fried until it is a ever so crunchy golden brown and topped with a creamy sauce; yumo I hear you say.

I’ve cooked my own version at home but with a more beef based gravy; the dish in its entirety reminds me of the Austrian/German schnitzel but with meat (as opposed to pork, chicken or veal).

I have to say that the CFS at Denny’s was a little too thick batter wise, but as with all things in Texas the serving was huge; washed down with a vanilla shake and my meal was complete.  All in all it was worth the experience; that and I was really tired from a hard days worth of work, but personally I much prefer their breakfast.

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