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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let’s Have Some Eye-Talian Noodles!

Houston Texas

D'Amico's Italian Market Cafe
(713) 526-3400
Rice Village/West U
5510 Morningside Drive
Houston, TX 77005
Who’d of thought I’d in the middle of Houston we’d chance upon an awesome little Italian place to have dinner?  That’s exactly what we found when we were hunting after another one of those food trucks one cold evening in Houston.

Tucked across the road for our intended destination we saw a small little shop front indicating an Italian restaurant.  I said to myself ‘I don’t reckon they’d serve nice Italian food there’ so I venture to walk around the area to search for other things to eat.  Rice Village is a little spot in Houston filled with various restaurants (and more importantly) pubs to cater for the local university student.  After being tempted to try a little French place, we opted to take our chances at D’Amico’s.  It was a decision we were thankful (FULL being the operative word) later.
Inside the restaurant it was packed!  Filled to the brim with folk young and old tucking into huge portions of food, I was almost full just watching all the food come out!  I looked at all the freshly made pasta available to order and my appetite returned, I couldn’t wait to be seated!  After what could only be described as waiting until hell almost froze over (yes it was very cold outside and there was a considerable queue of diners) we finally got ourselves a table and ordered.
I ordered myself a plate of Crawfish Ravioli – homemade pasta stuffed with crawfish, poblano peppers, green onion, ricotta cheese and romano cheese in a creama rosa sauce.  It was nothing short of delicious, the sauce was not too heavy, the ravioli was stuffed to perfection and the pasta was cooked al dente, the only gripe (and it’s a small one) is that the pasta was a tad too thick.  The serving was just nice!  I managed to finish my plate!
IMG_0094 [1024x768]
My dining partner for the evening ordered the Capellini Sicilian Style – angel hair pasta in marinara sauce with ricotta cheese, sautéed eggplant and capers.  When her bowl of pasta came out we both nearly fainted!  I knew at the instant she is in for trouble.  Never before had she seen a mountain of pasta in one serving!  This being her first official meal in Houston I think she was scarred for life.  The dish itself was delicious, the sauce was very flavorful and the pasta cooked to perfection; the only downside was the size!  It seemed like no matter how much effort was put in only a millimeter was taken off the level of pasta still visible in the bowl!  Luckily for us she didn’t order the spaghetti and meatballs!
After almost and 40 minutes worth of eating (I tired to help honestly) we still had a very full bowl of pasta left behind!
Needless to say there was hardly any room for dessert, besides I had my eye still fixated on the yet to be opened food truck across the street.  Though in all fairness I have to say we really enjoyed the food at D'Amico's, the service was attentive and very friendly, just remember if you’re a small eater to bring 2-3 stomachs with you!
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