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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hop to it!

Various Locations in / around Austin, Texas

IHOP #1439
11654 Research Boulevard
AUSTIN, TX 78759-4033
512-345 7124
Sydney has pancakes on the rocks; Austin Texas has IHOP.  Like Denny’s IHOP rides on the American Diner concept, but the specialty of this chain are their ‘award winning’ pancakes.  I found myself one morning tired of the hotel breakfast so I decided to venture out for some pancakes.

I have to say that a visit to IHOP you’re really spoilt for choice what to have with your pancakes; from the savory to sweet you could seriously spend 1/2 a month eating there and you’d still not be pancaked out.  To top off the pancakes you’ve got yourself a variety of sweet sauces to go with.  At that time of the morning I wasn’t too keen on getting an overdose of sugar so I stuck to the good old maple syrup.
I opted for their Pancake Platter which comprised of three buttermilk pancakes with four savory pork sausage links.  The pancakes lived up to their name, they were light and fluffy (went well with the maple syrup), but sadly the sausages were a little too salty and slightly over cooked.
I cannot say that IHOP blew my pancake mind away, but it’s a nice family restaurant where you can load your kids up on sugary goodness; again like everything in Texas the portions were huge!  I left with a full belly, ready to tackle the day!
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