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Friday, April 27, 2012

School’s Out

Various Locations In and Around Houston Texas

Bernie’s Burger Bus
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All hail the food truck!  Something that is a rather foreign concept here in Singapore; for the uninitiated, it’s basically a mobile restaurant where you can find yourself some really.. really.. really good eats!  I was fortunate enough to follow a few of these food trucks while I was in the US.

One of my favorite food trucks while I was in the city of Houston was Bernie’s Burger Bus.  It’s basically a pimped up school bus that serves some of the most tasty burgers that have well ‘fallen off the back of a truck’.  After a 4 hour drive from Austin I was hungry.. I managed to track down the location of this ‘meals on wheels’ via the web and all through my journey from Austin I kept thinking of sinking my teeth into some juicy burger!
IMG_2321 [1024x768]
Rockin’ up to the bus there was a queue comprising of people from all walks of life; I knew I was onto a winner.  Patiently I queued and when I got to the window I didn’t know what to order; so many funky burgers with names such as: The principal, the substitute and detention but to name a few.  You basically sing out your burger order and any ‘electives’ – additional extras you want for your burger and wait.
As I stood there on the side of the road waiting I could smell the goodness permeating from the kitchen inside the back of the bus, that coupled with seeing customers get their orders in brown paper bags (reminiscent of days gone by) and the biggest grins on their faces I wanted my burger.. YESTERDAY!
When my name was called –I happily grabbed my bag and scurried off to devour my burger.
I got myself the principal, with an elective of bacon, they call it: A traditional approach to the classic American burger with mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, pickle, thin sliced onions, shredded lettuce, and slow roasted garlic tomatoes – I call it heaven! The bun was soft and warm after being cooked on the hotplate the layering of the flavors just made you want to curl up in a little ball and smile, I loved the garlic tomatoes; no need for any sauce/ketchup here!  Honestly it was that good.. oh and I forgot to mention that the burger was huge!

If that wasn’t enough.. I actually went back a week two more times to get my burger on.  Here’s what else I ordered:
Chili Cheese Fries with Homemade Chili, Texas cheddar and Chipotle Aioli – this was a meal all into itself; you have to eat this straight out of the kitchen, you get the crispy outer fries mixed in with the not too hot homemade chili and chipotle and you’re singing to yourself! Yes they are that dam good.  I honestly wish I had myself two or three extra stomachs.
The Substitute – a burger topped with a bleu cheese , thick sliced crispy bacon, burgundy laced mushrooms and caramelized onions.  I wish that I had a substitute like this every day at school.  The salty/creamy bleu cheese went well with the meat patty and the crispy bacon helped give the burger some additional texture.
IMG_0123 [1024x768]
The Study Hall – A burger patty topped with Texas Cheddar Cheese, a Homemade BBQ Sauce, Crispy Seared Slow Braised Pork Belly, Thin Sliced Spanish Onions,  & Homemade Pickles.  This was by far my most favorite burger of the 3.  The addition of the pork belly just made sense, its sweetness coupled with the tangy bbq sauce just made me want to eat more and more.  I was addicted.. I am addicted to this burger.. really!
As I finish up writing this entry I can still so vividly remember the sights and smells coming out from that wicked school bus.  I wish they delivered to Singapore!  I wish that I was back at school!

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