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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Only Airport Where I Welcome a Longer Layover

Narita Airport – Japan

Sushi Yuraku Narita Airport Terminal 1
Central Building 4th Floor
Hours: 07:30-20:30 (Last Order 20:30)
Telephone: +81 (0)476-32-5960
I was fortunate enough to recently have to travel to the US for work; usually people would associate traveling to the US from Singapore with a tiring/boring layover in a foreign airport where you’re struggling to pass the time; not so at Narita Airport.  I’ve always looked forward to a 1-2 hour layover in Narita, it presents me with the opportunity to have some mighty fine sushi / sashimi, yes it’s at the airport and yes you have to pay a premium for it but for the sushi at Sushi Yuraku it’s a happy sacrifice I am always willing to make.

As with all good sushi restaurants everything is prepare on the spot using the freshest ingredients; sitting there flipping through the menu while watching these masters at the countertop at work was a site to behold, scanning across the counter I could see portions of sushi and sashimi flying from the chefs hands to plate, from plate to chop stick to a happily smiling mouth.  I couldn’t wait any longer!
This visit I opted for the Large Nigiri Set each delectable piece was gleefully eaten and savored until the last grain of rice was chewed.  The fish were firm, bursting full of color and flavor and the rice was seasoned with just enough vinegar to further enhance the flavor of the fish.  While you’re eating you enter an almost zen like state where you can hear and feel each bite into the sushi (despite the hustle and bustle going on around you), a sip of tea to cleanse the pallet and then you go in for more.
If only I had more time, I wanted to order more, but with a connecting flight beckoning I had to leave my tranquil little seat at the table; say goodbye to my name sake who prepared my food, and started dreaming for the next time when I’d be back; secretly I’d hope my connecting flight be delayed!

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