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Friday, November 4, 2011

Have Kitchen Will Cook

Various Kitchens, Sydney, Australia

Supplemental to my  previous post of my auditions for MasterChef: Australia the upside to me being there is the opportunity to cook for the family!  Some of you may think that a holiday is taking time away and doing nothing; but for me it was time well spent in the kitchen cooking for those that mean the most to me: Family!

Meal 1: Bak Kut Teh

Pardon my nephew’s ‘sippy cup’ in the background! The first meal that I ended up cooking for my sister and brother in law was something that they discovered and loved during their first visit to the Chili Padi and I in Singapore; the renown peppery pork rib soup.
During Ben’s last visit we bought for him some instant bak kut teh packets from  Ng Ah Sio at Rangoon Road.  So the search began in earnest to find the long pork ribs; previous trips to the supermarkets and western butchers only yielded short pork ribs.  It wasn’t until we went to an Asian butcher were we able to get full sized ribs (note here you’ll have to specifically ask for these ribs as they aren’t on display).
Accompanied with the delicious pork soup was  a trial version of the salad that I was going to cook for the MasterChef audition.  It was gobbled up mightily fast!

Meal 2: Steamed Mussels in Beer and Berry Soufflé

During my trip to the fish markets to procure sashimi ingredients for my MasterChef: Australia audition I could not resist buying an additional kilo of Victorian blue mussels for some personal consumption (I was intending on cooking this dish too for the judges had I advanced past the first audition).
I cannot say how much I love visiting the fish markets, or any markets back home; especially since the huge success of food channels/cooking shows, there is just so much more variety in terms of exotic ingredients (things which we find common place here in Asia).
In addition to the mussels I whipped up some berry soufflé to end what was a very decadent dinner for my sister and brother; it’s been a while since they’ve had someone cook something for them (that and they were always complaining that they’d never had a chance to try my cooking)!

Meal 3: Beer can Chicken

Finally a chance to cook for the olds a very long time friend from primary school; would you believe in all this time he’d never had a chance to sample my cooking!  Well I couldn’t leave Australia without cooking my beer can chicken, you know the chicken with a beer can stuffed up its butt!
Since there were so many of us eating I made two!  This in accompaniment with two of my moms deserts we were all stuffed to the brim!
Mom’s charioca’s deep fried balls of goodness coated in palm sugar – it’s a Filipino street food.. hardly street food taste in this house!
I did cook other dishes while I was there; eggs in hell and some slow roasted pulled pork; sadly I didn’t have time to take pictures!  I’m glad the family liked my cooking, it’s fun seeing a table full of people not saying anything, just digging into their food!

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