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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Visit to the Queen

Antoinette – Penhas Road

Address:Antionette Rating Meter

30 Penhas Road, Singapore

Tel: +65 6293 3121


Something’s been missing in my culinary life for the past few months, some would say it’s a craze (much like the bubble tea, pork floss and coffee bun fads) but I’ve always been in the hunt of the ideal macaron (and by the way before you correct me on the spelling “macaroon” is the coconut variant).  I use to love the macrons at Canele but when their head chef left so did (sad to say) the standard of their macarons and desserts!

Can’t Keep a Pastry Chef Down!

Enter stage left: Antoinette, a café/restaurant set up by chef Pang from the Les Amis group.  I’m happy to say he’s brought with him the taste and standard that I have been missing of late.  So with my pastry chef friend Sebastien, chef Bansani and the chili padi in tow so began our descent down the rabbit hole!

The interior is a welcome change to ‘cafes’ here in Singapore.  All the furniture is well spaced; no overcrowding, the furniture and fixtures are clean and elegant accentuating the Bourgeois nature of their cakes and pastries.  The set up and display is rather reminiscent of what they have at Canelé their desserts too draw many parallels to what you can find there; but hey what do you expect if the formula for success works why try to change it?  The only real differentiating factor visually are their boxes Smile

I’d tried their macarons on a previous occasion, they were the best (in my opinion) that you can get currently in Singapore; though funnily enough the macaron craze has all but died here now, but it hasn’t stopped me!


All lovers of chocolate please fall in line!  This mean desert is chocolate and nothing but, rich and texture filled it symbolizes all things good in the world!

Tarte café Caramel

This take on a caramel tart was my favorite of the day.  The sweet pastry was nice and firm, yet still crumbly, while the caramel mouse with just a hint of coffee was awesome!

Mont Blanc

The mont blanc looked promising but it failed to deliver.  I found the texture and the taste of this dish more hit and miss than pulling me back for more!


This was another beautiful creation; much like the former queen of France herself.  It’s a cake comprised of milk chocolate mousse infused with earl grey, earl grey tea crumble, chocolate biscuit, dark chocolate earl grey cream, and raspberry, it was a shame to sink my fork into it, but when duty calls Smile 

Saint Honore L'amour

Profiteroles swimming in rose flavored cream was divine, topped with a sugared rose petal, a tad bit girly for my liking but I’m willing to look over that for the taste Winking smile

Religiuese Caramel fluer de sel

According to my friend Sebastien the ‘religiuese’ is actually modeled after a nun, and after taking a closer look.. low and behold he was right.  Who’d of thought religion would inspire desserts!  Oh by the way, it tasted awesome!

Le Royale

What do you get when you add chocolate, nuts and praline together? Chocolatey nutty goodness!  This cake was so moreish I was tempted not to share, everything just melted and swam in your mouth!

Antoinette is the place if you want to go to taste and sample good desserts and pastries in a not too cluttered environment.  It’s a place where you come and spend a lazy afternoon in the company of good friends (and a pastry) sitting and watching the world go by.  For those of you who like the convenience of the city, they have opened up their second branch at the Mandarin Gallery @ Orchard.  Let’s hope that they don’t go the way of Canele too soon!

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