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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Toys for the Boy

@ Sin Ming Bakery / Cookhouse / Whatever

What do you get when you mix the creative imagination of a Chili Padi, the internet and cheaper world wide shipping options?  Two wonderful birthday surprises!

First up was something I didn’t ever know existed (but I’m glad it does).  My passion for cooking beer can chicken often raises an eye-brow.  You’re basically baking an ‘unclean’ tin can that is in direct contact with the chicken, who knows whether the paint from the can is leeching into the flesh.


So comes the Rösle Chicken Roaster; as the picture suggests there is a tubular centre where you can place your seasoned beer which you then insert into the rear cavity of the chicken to cook your pretty little bird up-right.  The addition of the removable handle that facilitates easy insertion/removal from your BBQ or oven.


I really can’t wait to give this little puppy a try on some chicken in the not too distant future; anyone care to come and try?

Now do you ever remember watching some of those westerns where you see those cowboys ‘branding’ live cattle?  Well have you ever fancied branding your own piece of meat (dead already of course)?  Well that’s exactly what I can do now thanks to the Chili Padi.

It came in a UPS box.. when I opened it up, surprise would be an understatement!  Inside the parcel came a personalized chopping board, the branding iron itself and a branding iron holder.  All ‘branded’ with the actual branding iron that was provided.

Using this should be a simple affair.. heat up the branding iron until it’s red hot then “psssst” apply it to the raw cut of meat.. I’m oh so looking forward to trying this puppy out at my next BBQ!  Thanks again Chili Padi for the wonderful presents!

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