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Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Still Call Australia ‘Home’

Triple Three, Mandarin Orchard, Singapore

Address:Triple Three Rating Meter

333 Orchard Road

Singapore 238867

Tel: 6831 – 6288 / 71

I love my meat!  I love meat from Australia even more!  I wouldn’t really say I’m a meat connoisseur or an authority on all things meat but I just find that meat  from down under tastes so much better; its texture, the way it holds it flavor and oh the flavor!

When mom and dad invited the Chili Padi and I out for an Australian Fiesta @ Triple Three Mandarin Orchard I started salivating!  During the promotion there was a showcase of meats and other Aussie dishes, such as the Lamington – a jam and cream filled chocolate sponge dipped in chocolate and rolled in chocolate, crocodile, kangaroo meat, and some Aussie oysters!

First up were the Aussie Oysters, smaller than the northern hemisphere counter parts, what they lack in size they make up for in their  sweet creamy and succulent taste!

Next up on the menu was Australian lamb and strip loin steak with some small carrots and black pepper gravy.  Seared on a hot skillet, marinated with salt and pepper (and a touch of butter), perfectly cooked under a cloche!

Prawn wrapped in potato with grilled asparagus.  I saw something similar to this on MasterChef Australia; strands of potato wrapped around a prawn then deep fried.  How much better can you get than that?

Sadly by the time we went around to the kangaroo, there wasn’t much left.. but hey wait I thought this was a buffet?  Apparently due to the kangaroo being an acquired taste the restaurant only orders a limited quantity, sorry to say but if you mentioned that this is one of your showcase meats during your buffet promotion you should jolly well ensure that you have enough to go around.  It was a shame actually as the meat was cooked perfectly and I wanted to go back for more!

Last but not least the perfect 4x4cm slice of heaven.  I miss being able to pop down to the shops for a few slices of these.  They’re too few and hard to come by here in Singapore.  While as delicious was the temptation to grab a few plates of this, the sponges of the lamingtons were too hard to what I’d grown up with (that and the fact they didn’t conform to the 4x4cm dimensions)  okay I’m being picky!

Overall not too bad a buffet but for those of us who grew up in Oz a little bit of a disappointment.

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