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Monday, August 29, 2011

Chef Ivy & Co

@ Sin Ming Bakery / Cookhouse / Whatever

“I love desserts, I love cooking.. can you show me how it’s done?”  Those were the questions posed to me by a friend of mine a month back, with the promise of having some of the recipes I’ve cooked before (and published here): and the to be our lunch for the day I decided to let Ivy loose in the kitchen.

Prior to the cooking however, we set about sourcing the ingredients.  Spending nearly every second day visiting the supermarket or wet market one tends to take the location of things as second nature; when visiting said establishments with people who don’t frequent such places you’re often seen in a slightly different light, so a mental note for those of you shopping; sometimes you’ve gotta take the time to help those who don’t regularly shop and help educate them on the variances of certain ingredients in the store.


With the groceries done it came time to prep! Ivy and my new friend Garbor got down in the kitchen.  After a quick explanation of how best to slice and dice the ingredients, the chicken cordon bleu was ready in a flash and we were all set to get a frying!

Once the chicken was fried and the salad was made, all that was left was to sit down and savor our delicious lunch!  Well done Ivy.. told you cooking was easy peasy!

With the main out of the way there was a small question as to dessert.  The dessert that Ivy wanted to make was a chocolate fondant; despite her initial thought that it would be difficult she managed to soldier on and well all that I can say is that the result speak more than what I can write here.

Well done Ivy, knew you’d be able to cook like a pro.  It’s just a reminder to all of us out there that cooking should always be ‘fun’ if you don’t enjoy your time in the kitchen it will be reflected in the food that you dish out.  You don’t have to be a seasoned pro to produce good and tasty food, you just need the passion and the heart to dare to dream to try something new!


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