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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh No, More Durian

The Goodwood Park Hotel

Address:Goodwood Rating Meter

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221
Tel: +65 6737 7411


It happens but once a year, the Goodwood Park throws open it’s doors for it’s Durian Fiesta; an endless supply of durian inspired deserts for one to eat!  Since I'd been barred from eating durian at home I decided to get my durian fix here with some colleagues from work!

For SGD26.80++ you can enjoy sumptuous regulars like:

Durian Puffs

Who could ask for more.. choux pastry filled with durian and cream?  Ok I have to admit that the choux pastry could have been a little less dry, but the durian more than made up for it.

Durian Mousse Cake

I didn’t really like the sponge with the durian, it kind of left the mouth a little dry and parched, a cup of nice hot black tea would have hit the spot with this slice of cake!

Durian Crepe

I was disappointed when I ate this.  Sure it was freshly made, but the crepe tasted more like a pancake!  It was just way too thick and it felt as though I was chewing on a tyre.  The durian filling itself was yum!

Durian Pudding

This was delicious, not runny and not too thick!  There were large chunks of durian in the pudding that you could sink your teeth into.  Bliss!

Durian Oreo Cake

Another dish that was more a miss for me, sadly the whipped cream took over the desert, I wasn’t able to really taste and appreciate the durian.

Durian Cappuccino Cake

This was a new addition to the menu this year!  And as weird as it sounds; combining durian paste with a cappuccino cream went so well together (I went back for seconds)!

All in all I had a blast, it was a good thing I played tennis prior to going for this buffet, I was well and truly stuffed!

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