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Monday, May 16, 2011

Tools of the Trade

Sin Ming Cook House / Bakery / Whatever

They always say it’s an end user problem.  To some degree I tend to agree, but nothing beats having some fantastic kitchen equipment on hand to give your dishes a leg up!

Le Creuset

Recently I’ve been on a small spending spree in the kitchen, I made purchase of three items of the Le Creuset cast iron range and I have to say I love them to bits!  Undoubtedly most of you out there would be wondering: “Is it justifiable spending so much money on a pot/skillet/fry pan?” to the common masses I would have to say yes.. for the price of one of these puppies you can buy yourself a “decent” 5 piece pot set.  For those of you who are looking to take your cooking to the next level though (meaning you’ve already got yourself the basics and are willing to upgrade), then cast iron is the way to go.

The advantages of cast iron are these:

  1. They retain and distribute heat superbly – generally after you throw something into the pot/pan the temperate drops resulting in an uneven cook, not these little beauties.. they retain their heat to ensure a nice even cook!
  2. They’re oven safe – you can sear your meat then whack the pot/pan into the oven/grill to finish off the cooking

Okay I admit they cost a small fortune to buy; which is why I generally wait for them to go on sale.  I managed to get the skillet for SGD139, the pan for SGD109 and the Dutch Oven for SGD338 which was half price for all.. quite a steal I must.

I still use my old Tefals for general cooking duties, but when I want to do something a little bit special, it’s got to be Le Creuset!

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