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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pulled Every Which Way

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Since coming to Singapore there’s one dish I have craved to be able to cook: A slow roasted pulled pork sandwich! When a primary school friend of mine (Traci) told me of a kick ass site (The Pioneer Woman) I saw the recipe for pulled pork and decided to try it (with a few little variances thrown by me of course).

Most friends who I told about my intention of doing this dish replied to me “What! You’re going to cook a shoulder of pork for how long?”.  The notion of actually waiting for something to cook outside the realm of 3 hours be founds most I think; it’s I would suppose only something the most ardent of us would be willing to endure.

When I read through the recipe I thought to myself, it cannot be that easy! Sure you had to cook the pork for 8 hours but with the list of ingredients I was wondering how much flavor could you actually get.  I was truly mistaken!


  • 1 Large Onion (white)
  • 1 whole Pork Shoulder (2kgs, make sure there is a nice layer of fat)
  • Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 can of Chipotle Peppers In Adobo Sauce
  • 2 cans Dr. Pepper
  • Palm sugar (to taste)

The Chipotle peppers were terribly annoying to find; when you’re out looking for them head over to the Mexican section of your supermarket.  For those of you who don’t have Dr. Pepper in your area you can substitute this with Sarsi or Coke.


  1. Preheat oven to 150 degrees Celsius
  2. Peel the onion and cut it into wedges. Lay them in the bottom of a large oven proof pot with the bay leaves
  3. Generously salt and pepper the pork roast, then set it on top of the onions in the pot
  4. Pour the can of chipotle peppers over the pork (include the sauce)
  5. Pour in both cans of Dr. Pepper
  6. Add 2-3 table spoons of palm sugar to the juice and stir in (if the sauce is still spicy add more)
  7. Place lid tightly on pot, then set pot in the oven
  8. Cook for at least 7 hours, turning roast every hour during the cooking process. Check meat after six hours; it should be absolutely falling apart (use two forks to test.) If it’s not falling apart, return to the oven for another hour
  9. Remove meat from pot and place on a cutting board or other work surface. Use two forks to shred meat, discarding large pieces of fat. Strain as much of the fat off the top of the cooking liquid as you can and discard it. Return the shredded meat to the cooking liquid, and keep warm until ready to serve

After all that time in the oven your house is filled with a glorious aroma. In between turning the pork I kept dipping some bread into the sauce.. I was in love.. and it just got better with time!

After 8 hours of cooking I made a pulled pork sandwich comprising of the pork, coleslaw and lettuce in a bun.  Nothing beats a freshly made pulled pork sandwich!

Bon Appétit – Sidney

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