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Thursday, April 28, 2011

It’s a Love / Hate Thing

717 Trading

Address:717 Rating Meter

22 Yio Chu Kang Rd
Highland Centre #01- 01
Singapore 545535


With durians you either love them or hate them. For lovers of durian people seem to be drawn by the pungent alluring fragrance.  A group of friends and I were told of this fabled place quite renown for their top quality fruits, so a field trip was organized and so following our noses we headed to: 717 Trading at Serangoon.

The place is Spartan; a few tables and chairs strewn out the front of the shop. You don't find plush seating or all those creature comforts you tend to expect at other establishments; what you see is what you get, which suits me to a “T” I’m just there to eat durian!

The object of our desire that evening was the Mao Shang Wang, what sets these babies apart from the other popular D24 durians is they are slightly more creamy! 

Ordering a mix of bitter and bitter-sweet durians we ploughed through a total of 16kgs can you believe it. Each bite was savored with kiddish delight and we ate until we could eat no more!

I had to take one photo of the aftermath of my durian adventure, and yes I did eat all of these (and a few more)!

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