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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Age of Innocence


Address: 99 East Coast RoadNaive Rating Meter
Telephone: 6348 0668

Sorry folks for the lack of updates recently; been a tad bit busy getting myself married (more to come on that later); none the less here is a post that is well over due.  The chili padi and I decided to try a restaurant that caught our eye some time back and given  the fact we had the car at our disposal again we decided to finally take the plunge and give Naive a try.

The first thing you notice about the place is that it (as well as all the up and coming restaurants these days) bare.. bare to the bones in fact, something that I like, minimalistic clean and pure… much like what they are trying to come across with their food.

IMG_2604 [1024x768]

The first order of business was well ordering our food.  It’s surprising to know that Naive is a fusion vegetarian restaurant.  Most of you will now turn off saying the vegetarian is dull and bland, but the food here is quite the opposite.  A welcome relief  indeed!

Thai Brown Olive RiceOlive Brown Rice - SGD8.80

Brown olive rice; dull and boring.. no way Jose, this little baby was anything but rich flavor of the olives accompanied with freshly ground black sesame was thoroughly nice!

IMG_2595 [1024x768] Tofu with Vegetables – SGD7.50

There’s nothing too much that you can do with the good old tofu and vegetables, the tofu was firm on the outside and soft on the inside; delicious!

IMG_2598 [1024x768] Enchanted Forest – SGD20.90

This blew my mind.. Monkeyhead Mushroom braised with wolfberry, chinese "tang gui" herb and broccoli I’d never heard of Monkeyhead Mushroom before, but after eating this dish I want more; it was healthy very healthy but it didn’t taste it.. we gobbled this up and it really is a must order if ever you swing by!

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