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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Chef in You..

Coriander Leaf, Clarke Quay

It’s not every day that one has the opportunity to partake in a  corporate bonding session with your better half; even more so where the event is held in a cooking school!

IMG_2484Cooking School – How Fun is that? 

Yet here I found myself all the above conditions met at the Coriander Left at Clarke Quay, Singapore.  The event was geared around the Chili Padi’s company coming together, fortunately spouses, boy friends, girl friends, whatever were invited to join in the fun.  I jumped at the chance to cook and be taught how to cook (in my opinion one can never learn enough!)

IMG_2491 IMG_2490

Menus and Teams – This is Getting Competitive

So there we were teams were already preselected; what I wasn’t expecting was I was thrust the mantle of leadership for my team.  Without much choice to say “no” and cooking assignments in hand, we were tasked to make 3 dishes which everyone would be eating as part of the dinner.

IMG_2503 IMG_8564 IMG_2504

Me my team and my “toque”

The dishes were relatively easy to make; but pulling a group of people whose cooking varies from those that can cook and those who thinks cooking = popping down to the hawker centre to eat and getting them all to cooking will always be a challenge.

So off I went handing out cooking assignments, as always preparation was the key; perhaps I’m a tad to meticulous I went off measured all the ingredients I needed for my dish and stole a pen to label everything!


I so want a kitchen like this!


Frantic chopping, grinding, sautéing, mashing and folding here and there our dishes gradually started taking shape; by the end of it all we managed to get everything out all at the same time.

IMG_2530 IMG_2526 IMG_2521

Yes we all cooked this ourselves (and survived)


Towards the end of the evening we all sat down to try each others cooking; not a bad spread I must say.  Surprisingly though at the end of the night our team won the “best team” award and I walked away with the “best chef” title too.  Not bad for an evening of fun!


I still have a lot to learn in the kitchen, but one thing is for sure, I definitely need more space, a bigger sink, in fact a bigger everything!

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