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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Thai Affair

@ Sin Ming Cook House / Bakery / Whateva

.. From traditional French pastry and desert to a fusion of traditional Thai and modern cuisine, this was my second installment of kitchen bliss.  Chef Aor and Ban were in the kitchen for the evening; their task cooking for a hungry mob!

Chefs at Work - Ban and AorWhat they came up with was nothing short of ‘aroy’ (tasty), Chef Aor was given the added task of coming up with dish using a special set of ingredients that would be used in a magazine publication for a celebrity in Thailand.

Many of you out there keep asking me how I happen to know so many chefs, well we’ve come together through two common denominators: food and booze! When you happen to make friends with one chef you get to know their friends and eventually their friends.  They have to be one of the most honest bunch of people I’ve happened to know.. they call a spade a spade.  Anyway I digress; take a look at what some of the ingredients chef Aor had to work with:

Chefs at Work - Ingredients Some instant rice, apple cider vinegar, vacuum dried soup and Equal.  Quite an odd set of ingredients to work with, but to her credit she was able to come up with something visually stunning: Blanched Prawns with Instant Rice (see below).

Chefs at Work - FinaleChef Ban not to be left out whipped up 3 dishes that reflected her traditional Thai cooking style with a hint of her trademark ‘spa cuisine’.  Oh how lucky a boy I am to see these two professionals in action!  And the best was yet to come.. Chef Ban was going to teach me how to cook!

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