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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pata-Cake, Pata-Cake Bakers Man.. (Part 1)

@ Sin Ming Cook House / Bakery / Whateva

As mentioned in my previous post I had the privilege of having some chefs come over to Singapore to help celebrate my birthday with me; the best present that I could have ever wished for from a chef is being taught by them how to cook and when my friends told me that part of them coming would be some actual hands on lessons for cooking up some of their favorite dishes well one cannot help but say “bring it on!”

Macrons - Chef Sebastien (Intro)Chef Sebastien who was formerly working for the  MAIA luxury resort in the Seychelles islands was going to teach the chili padi and myself first up how to make: Macarons and a delectable  passion fruit cream with a chocolate ganache.

Macarons - Mixing the Shell

Macarons are one of my all time favorite deserts, those semi hard almond meringue shells hiding all sorts of tasty fillings could seriously become my all time staple food!  Armed with the trusty KitchenAid we set about making the shells.

Macarons - Creating the Shell I quickly learnt that my piping bag technique is non-existent watching a pastry chef in his element is truly a sight to see, the sheer speed and consistency at which he was able to get the mixture from the piping bag to the parchment paper was truly mesmerizing! I gauged that for every 1 I did chef churned out between 4-5!

Macaraons - CookedWith Sarah ever present ensuring we were baking up to chefs standard our  macaron shell’s eventually took shape!

Macarons - Ganache TimeBeing taught the intricacies of macaron making helps you better appreciate a good macaron and identify lousy ones!  The shell in my opinion is what defines a good macaron, while the filling is the proverbial icing on the cake.  The chocolate ganache we learnt from chef was so simple yet so tasty; it’s smooth and rich, you know you shouldn’t but you can’t resist sticking your spoon into the bowl and just eating it as is!

Macarons - The Finished Product And finally.. we finished 2 dozen macarons ours all ours, not a bad effort for first time students!  Thanks chef Sebastien for being so patient with us!


  1. Yeah.. they were.. we tried recreating them this long weekend but sadly failed miserably! BTW there'll be some cupcakes in the office for you guys to try tomorrow :)



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