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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lamb Burgers by the Beach

Birthday Surprise @ Sentosa

It’s a day that comes but once a year, it’s a day most of us look to with slight trepidation.  For me however it’s just another day; that is until I met her.

The day started out plainly enough, work then more work followed by a call to meet her at Vivo City after work for our usual dinner meet up. To my surprise I was whisked off to the little island of Sentosa where we sat by the beach to watch the sun go down.

Sentosa - at dusk What a way to end the day.. sunset at the beach at the most southern tip of Singapore; but wait there was more to come!  Little did I know, packed inside her bag was entree, dinner and desert (a far cry from the expected dinner at the shopping centres food court!).

Sentosa - Dinner is ServedEntree started out simple enough; a ready made sushi set, gobbled away in an instant while she made some lemon aid.

Sentosa - Burgers are ServedDinner was a delight: a homemade lamb and rosemary burger with cheese and an extra large helping of caramelised onions.  Truly a mouthful (the pattie I kid you not was so thick), I managed to finish mine (just).  Nothing tastes better than home cooked food!

Sentosa - Candlelight_As the day gave way to the night it was time to strike up some light; coming prepared with an oil burner we spent the evening dining under the stars and candlelight; collective awwww…

Sentosa - le Cake A birthday isn’t a birthday without a cake!  What a perfect way to end off a day.  Who says that you can’t have your cake and eat it too?  Thanks so much Chili Padi for the fantastic birthday surprise!

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