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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jeweled Chocolates

Jewels Artisan Chocolates

Address:Chocolate Jewlery Rating Meter

Orchard Central, #02-31/32
Phone:+65 6509 8998
Mon - Sun:11:00 am - 11:00 pm


I have to say that having chefs for friends is both a blessing and a curse; on one hand you get a deeper insight on how things are prepared, cooked and presented; on the other hand you tend to be slightly more judgmental of all things food after sitting down and talking to them long enough. 

Jewlery Artisan Chocolates - The Critics

I had the privilege of  not having one but THREE chefs come to visit me to celebrate my birthday; two of which specialize in Thai and spa cuisine and the other: a French pastry chef.. ooh la la!

We went to visit two of the chefs friends who are working at Jewels Artisan Chocolates at Orchard Central; for them it was a chance to catch up, for the rest of us it was a chance to sink our teeth into some sinful deserts (this before dinner mind you!).

The concept of Jewels Artisan Chocolates is simple.  Use the best ingredients (nothing less than Valrhona thank you very much) and what you get is nothing short of choc-a-licious joy; Chef Foong and her crew do wonders with the black gooey stuff, but be prepared to pay a slight premium for your trip to the dark side!

Jewels Artisan Chocolate - chocolate tart with ice creamChocolate Tart with Ice Cream – SGD10.80

First off the rank was the Chocolate Tart with Ice Cream; wow! The ganache was an exquisite mix of bitter sweet coupled with the ice cream kept me quiet, the only sad part of this dish was the chocolate crust was a tad too powdery for my liking; but hey that’s just personal preference!

Jewels Artisan Chocolates - Chocolate gateau 4' 4” Chocolate Gateau – SGD28

This was sin on a plate! There was nothing here but chocolate and I loved it!  Though SGD28 for a 4 inch cake was a little pricey; you have to have this with a group of friends.  The sponge was moist and it married well with the icing, be warned though, you’re gonna have to get a tad messy when it comes time to eat the chocolate shavings scattered about the exterior of the cake; it looked almost too pretty to eat when it first came out, but well how can one not want to eat chocolate?

Jewels Artisan Chocolates - Dark Chocolate lava cake with Gianduja Hazelnut Ice Cream Dark Chocolate Lava Cake -  SGD10.80

Last but not least was the Lava Cake, I was so looking forward to having this but sadly I was semi let down.  Three of us agreed that the lava cake was cooked a little too long (perhaps say a minute, a minute and a half) but that was all it took.  The cake itself tasted delicious but I was looking for a torrent of chocolate to come out of the cake; similar to what I had cooked previously in my kitchen back at home (see Volcano of Sin); a recipe that Chef Sebastien had taught me to do.  Yes I know I’m spoilt!

All in all we had a good time at the place; the only downer I guess you can say is that the table arrangement is too open so you tend to get a lot of noise from the people going up and down the escalator and the burger joint next door, the service was quite good.  Do swing by if you feel like indulging.. you know what they say “Once you go black (well brown in this case) you never want to go back” :)

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