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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hell’s Kitchen

@ Sin Ming Cook House / Bakery / Whateva

For most people the notion of a ‘home cook’ preparing dinner for 2 chefs is a little daunting; for me on the other hand it is a good chance to see how well I compare kitchen wise with those that have been professionally trained.

I relish the opportunity (as I have said previously) to learn by doing!  So when chef Ban told me I’d be making dinner for chef Sebastien and herself one evening (with a little guidance from her of course) I was chomping at the bit to get a cooking!

The menu for the evening was to be the following:

  • Beef Salad*
  • Mushroom Salad*
  • Steamed Fish

*to be instructed by chef Ban

The thing I most love about being in the kitchen with chef Ban is that well we give each other shit; meaning  I always ask her to treat me as though I’m one of her cooks.  “You don’t Jullian it this way!” or “You’re cutting it like shit!” are common things said to me and all I can do is reply with a smile “Yes chef, sorry chef” or “Buggar off chef”; friendly kitchen banter which I so like but often scares so many.

Fish and SaladAfter a few hours in the kitchen, chopping this, slicing that, tenderizing and blanching this and that I finally emerged with two new dishes that I absolutely love: Beef and Mushroom salads, and an old favorite chef Ban likes me to cook: Steam sea bass with ginger and soy sauce.

It was good to know that chef Ban still remembers and likes the taste of my steamed fish and that I got the thumbs up for the two new salads.  What was most important though to me was being able to just be in the kitchen learning to cook from a chef and my good friend!

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