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Friday, August 13, 2010

Movie Stars in the Making?

Secret Filming Location, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Last weekend the Chili Padi and I made a trek up to KL to get well our ‘unofficial’ pre-wedding photos taken. Unofficial in terms of we not donning the wedding dress and monkey suit and traipsing  around having posed photos.  Instead we being we decided on doing a very informal shoot doing what we love best.. cooking! It was food that really brought us together, so what better way of exemplifying that by capturing in essence what we are really all about.

Thus with recipes in hand and a ‘have fun’ attitude we went about cooking up a storm in the kitchen.  With our photographer Zach Chin ( on hand to record our tom foolery (with Ben Lim in tow we had a ball cooking for them and ourselves.  A big shout out too to my soon to be wedding ‘brother’ May Yee for being on hand to help out as well!

Actually we weren’t expecting this.. when we saw it we were just taken back, thanks Zach for compiling this for the both of us.. now you know why I love cooking!

I really cannot wait to see the stills both Zach and Ben took during the course of their two course lunch.. but if the video is any bench mark.. I’m waiting with baited breath!

So without further adieu here’s our informal video of us @ play in the kitchen!

Sidney & Stefanii - The recipe of love from Zach Chin on Vimeo.

“Sidney and Stefanii love to cook. With two ounces of cooking skills, few teaspoons of fun, one big tablespoon filled with love, many pinches of laughter and finally a whole kitchen to clean, we really had fun shooting for them. And in return, we get to eat their "yummylicious" food (thank God we are still in piece after witnessing the food flying all over the kitchen floor). Thanks to Ben for his assistance on that day as well.

And thanks to them I get to learn how to make tiramisu - the easy way, :D.

So, in return, here is the video clip which I have prepared for you guys.”



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