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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Maybe this Boomarang will not Return..

Boomerang Bistro and Bar

Address:Boomarang Rating Meter

60 Robertson Quay

Singapore, 238252

Tel: +65 67381077

I cannot count the times I’ve been sitting at home thinking of the simple things that were so readily available back home in Sydney that I took for granted; the butchers sausages on toast, pancakes in the wee small hours of the morning are just to name a few, so understandably when you get wind there is a place that serves some of the same home grown tucker you’re hankering for you immediately make a B-line to the joint (at warp speed!).

Ever since coming back from our trip last year to Sydney, the chili padi’s had a hankering for a good bit of schnitzel; a breaded piece of chicken, veal of pork that is deep fried served with fries and salad.  Hearing that Boomarang served it we decided to compare what they had to the best we’ve tried thus far in Sydney: The Woolloomoolloo Bay Hotel.

Boomarang Interior

Boomarang Bistro and Bar; is a upper end I guess you could say ‘pub’ nestled at the back of Robertson Quay, it’s a place filled with expats.  A tad more up market to the pubs and weekend market stalls back home, so the expectation that the food would be ever the more so delectable was too great a temptation to ignore.

When we got there we found it hard to find ourselves a seat; not for a lack of the afore mentioned but it was hard to grab one of the service staff to get us seated but once we were finally seated our eyes sparkled at what was on offer: Angus Steak SandwichAngus Steak Sandwich - SGD24

I find it very hard to resist sinking my teeth into a steak sandwich and as three of my traveling companions back to Sydney can attest to, the AUD8 Angus Beef Steak sandwich at the Rocks Market rocked!

Angus Steak Sandwich with Beer

Sadly with each bite I took of this made me miss the cold afternoon that day at Circular Quay even more, no it’s not the fact that this is almost 3 times the price of what I paid back home! It’s the fact that the sandwich was only about 1/3 the taste of what I had experienced before.  Though the meat was juicy and tender and it’s accompaniments were nice what was missing was that ‘oomph’; that moment of nirvana when all the stars in the universe align in your mouth and you know you’ve eaten something bloody good! Let it be said here that the steak sandwich that I had back in Sydney used what could be said as an ‘inferior piece of bread’ and it lacked the mesculin, tomato and fries it tasted so much better!  It was a ‘nice’ sandwich but it left me wanting to take the next flight back home!

Chicken Schnitzel Chicken Schnitzel - SGD20

As for the chicken schnitzel was again another good attempt at mimicking what we ate in Sydney, but the chicken lacked any real flavor and substance; the breaded batter was a tad too thick.  We both left the place wondering whether it was something that they put in the water in Sydney that makes things there taste so much better.

In all I have to say if I hadn’t been / eaten food from back home, the food at Boomarang would have been nice; the restaurant is clean, airy and quite a nice place to eat, but having said all that comparing apples to apples I think I would rather save my palette for when I’m back in Sydney next!

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