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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fine China

Royal China at Raffles

Address:328 North Bridge RoadRoyal China Rating Meter

Singapore, 188719

Phone: +65 6338 3363

It has been said that I eaten at so many places since landing on this small red-dot, that it would be very hard to find a place that I’ve not yet dined at, to most people’s surprised I still consider myself very naive in terms of the food scene here; case in point my visit to the Royal China restaurant at the Raffles hotel!

The chili-padi’s and I found ourselves visiting there last Saturday night to celebrate her moms birthday, I was given the difficult task of sourcing somewhere to dine; trying to solve world hunger an easier task I would have to say as finding a place for the discerning palette without being too extravagant is a tough task indeed! Luckily I was able to find this little gem, a modernized Cantonese cuisine beckoned, 4 hungry mouths to feed and a birthday to celebrate.. BRING IT ON!

As I mentioned earlier , the restaurant is tucked away in the top most corner of the Raffles Hotel, don’t let its location put you off, for once you step inside you’re whisked away to familiar surroundings that you would expect with the Raffles Hotel; exceptional service, excellent tasting food and décor! As soon as you walk into the restaurant you’re greeted by the turquoise / Tiffany blue interior and the warm smile of the maître de who escorts you to your simple yet elegantly decorated table.  It made you feel as id you were dining in the clouds!

Royal China at Raffles

Here is where things get a little blurry, being a non-Cantonese speaker the birthday girl proceeded to order, the waitress attending out table helped us walkthrough some menu suggestions, from what I can tell (and I found out later) she knew what she was talking about, all throughout we were being attended to with continual refills of tea! The only thing that was a little irritating was the background elevator music and the huge table that was set right down the middle of the restaurant

To the task at hand! We put our faith in the birthday girl and waitress to order our dishes and we were not disappointed in the slightest!

Chicken and Crocodile SoupDouble Boiled Crocodile & Chicken in Clear Soup – SGD42

I have no idea why most people cringe when they hear they’re eating crocodile! This soup was very fragrant and flavorful, the distinct taste of crocodile coupled with the subtle taste of chicken complemented the herbs well; so much so I was

given two bowls!  They do serve you with the meat used to make the soup as a side and surprisingly still tasty!

Suckling Piggy Roasted Suckling Pork – SGD28

I’m not going to say anything but YUM!  When we ordered this dish we thought we were going to get an entire little weener on our plate (and yes I was foaming at the mouth).  Sad to say I guess you could say this was only a 1/4 of a “babe”.  What was lacking in size was made up for in taste, there was a fine proportion of meat-to-fat-to skin that just screamed goodness; something sadly that I have yet to properly master when trying to cook it at home.  Sitting atop a slice of tofu it was a short lived joy to devour!

Bamboo ClamBamboo Clam – SGD8.80

Also know as Geo-duck in these parts, this is also a favorite of mine whenever I get the chance to splurge a little, the meat while tasty i found to be a tad overcooked but it was hardly worth complaining about.  The sweetness of the meat went well with the vermicelli; again this was another dish I wish I had a few more to gobble down!Lobster NoodlesLobster Noodles – SGD88

This was simply beautiful; The Lobster Noodles is one of their signature dishes (recommended by our waitress), what better a dish to end off the evenings dining.  In Chinese culture it’s custom to order noodles for longevity, and with a dish this nice you’ll want to live to 100 so you can keep coming back for this every birthday.  The lobster was divine; sweet and not too firm a the bite add to the mix the springy egg noodles and you’ve got yourself something that makes you want to savor each bite.  The only downer for me (and perhaps it’s just me) but a little too much oil.

Verdict – yummi-ness is all I can say.  The food was great, the service I have to say I was very impressed with, the waitresses there are very attentive and they’re willing to take the time to have a chat with you which is what I am very impressed with.  My hats off to them (and the chef too) for cooking us some complimentary longevity buns (not shown) to go with a cake from the deli downstairs.  It was truly a memorable dining experience and somewhere I hope to revisit in the not too distant future!

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