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Friday, June 25, 2010

Coffee & Beer? An unlikely mix!

Oriole Cafe & BarOriole Cafe Rating Meter

Address: 96 Somerset Road

#01-01, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites

Phone: +65 6238-8348

I’ve always been a fan of ‘pub grub’, you know the type of food that you can order in your favorite drinking hole while being served a pint of two of some golden larger from your local publican.  Well this place I guess you can consider to be a little more of your up market pub complete with its own barista!

Since this place opened last November I’d nothing but good things about this place in terms of its affordable bistro food and its to die for coffee, so armed with camera in pocket the Chili Padi and I decided to head on over and check it out for ourselves.

Cafe Oriole - SeatingWe got there at a fairly decent hour and were seated outside; the folks in the inside were busy setting up the big screen and projector for the up and coming FIFA World Cup 2010 (yes I know this post is a very long time overdue!).  The cafe itself is pleasant enough though by the time the night wore on the noise from the surrounding pub and eateries made conversation a little hard at times but hey that’s what a shared space is all about.

Oriole Cafe - Menu

I have to say that the menu is pretty impressive, we found ourselves umm-ing and err-ing to pick what to eat.  Eventually we settled for: Pork Ribs and the Crab Meat pasta.

Oriole Cafe - Food Now this is where things got funny.  While we were waiting for our food we saw people come and go, come and go and come and go.  They ‘d forgotten about our food!  Forgetting about a customers food is a mortal sin!  Sadly there was no explanation as to what happened to our food but it took me:

  • Slight effort getting the attention of the service staff
  • Additional time of waiting for our food, no real apology nothing!

Thankfully the food was up to par; the ribs were nicely done, flavorful moist and tender.  The pasta was slightly over cooked but it was quite flavorsome.

Verdict: Sadly though the whole issue with having to wait for our food put me off wanting to try their coffee let alone desert.  After signing for the bill we left a tad disgruntled.  If you’re willing to dice with having the people there forget your order then I have to say go!

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