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Sunday, May 2, 2010

When You Wish Upon a Star

Majestic Restaurant (With Kai Mayfair’s Alex Chow)

Address:WGS Rating Meter

31-37 Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089845
Tel: 6223 5593


Well it’s that time of the year again where the Singapore Tourism Board and Peter Knipp Holdings Pte Ltd attempt to bring to this little red dot (Singapore) some of the worlds best chefs for what is more aptly known as the “World Gourmet Summit” (WGS).

The intent of the WGS is to “..brand Singapore as the choice gourmet destination of the region, where diners can be assured of premium, quality offerings in the local food and beverage industry. With the leading hotel establishments and independent restaurants participating on the same platform as the international stars, the Summit proves that home-grown / local talents are every bit as capable as their overseas counterparts” see Wikipedia for more information on the World Gourmet Summit.

imageI was lucky enough to book at table at the Majestic Restaurant at the New Majestic Hotel for a special Friday night date night with the Chili Padi.  The Majestic Restaurant was able to secure the services of one Kai Mayfair’s Michelin Star head chef Alex Chow who prepared a 6 course meal specially for the WGS2010.

WGS - Hotel EntranceThe New Majestic Hotel (in which the Majestic Restaurant is housed) is one of Singapore’s quirky boutique hotels, Eastern Architecture meets West.  The Majestic Restaurant continues with that theme, clean lines coupled with a touch of the eccentric make it special place to dine in.

WGS - Hotel Interior The menu for the nights menu was a set 6 course delight, our bellies were waiting to be filled with scrumptious morsels that promised so much:

WGS - Poached Red GrouperPoached Red Grouper in Soup – The soup stock was nothing short of breath taking, the same however could not be said of the grouper, though dressed in gold leaf the fish was over cooked.

WGS - Roast DuckRoast Duck – What looked appetizing sadly turned out to be slightly undercooked, hard to chew pieces of duck.  Perhaps the slices of the duck could have been sliced slightly thinner.

WGS - Spice Route Lobster ‘Spice Route’ Lobster – Now this is something I’d expect from a Michelin Star chef, the lobster was soft and succulent under the crisp and crunchy batter, accompanied by the crisp and tasty batter.  Truly dish to savor and enjoy!

WGS - Seared Kobe BeefSeared Kobe Rib-Eye – Oh yes please! When I saw this on the menu I was already salivating.  Again while it looked nice there was nothing about this dish that screamed out to me.  After taking a bite of the beef the first impression that I had was that I was in a Korean BBQ restaurant, the piece of Kobe was a little too over cooked and it really tasted like something you could find coming off a hotplate.

WGS - Tofu Parcel of Mushrooms Tofu Parcel of Mushrooms – This dish was heavenly, pure simplicity; pack 3 types of mushrooms in tofu skin and bake it.

WGS - Peranakan Mango Cake “Peranakan Mango Cake” – Now this is worth the price of admission.  A cake of gula Melaka topped with mango, pomelo and coconut ice cream, surrounded in coconut milk infused with pandan.  It was a fitting way to top off dinner.

Verdict – While there were some creative and delightful dishes sad to say I was expecting a whole lot more from our dining experience.  Not to say that the food was poor; but it just didn’t measure up to a world renown chef!

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