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Monday, May 24, 2010

Dim Sum Me.. Stat!

Jade @ The Fullerton Hotel

Address: Dim Sum Rating Meter

1 Fullerton Square
The Fullerton Hotel
Singapore, 49178
Tel: +65 6877 8188

Mention the word “buffet” and what initially fills your head? Images of mountains of food being consumed by people trying to eat their weights worth?  To me the word buffet generally draws parallels to bottom feeding low quality food cooked on a massive scale.  So it was with some initial trepidation that  opted to try the Dim Sum Delights buffet at the Fullerton Hotel on Sunday.  I am happy to report that I not only survived but I am wanting to come back for more!

Dim Sum or High Tea was made famous in Hong Kong where people would plant themselves in a restaurant eating smaller portions of dumplings and other bite sized snacks while catching up with friends/family or with the worlds events (reading the paper), its a casual informal affair where the food compliments the company.

After the Chili Padi brought to my attention that Jade have a promotion at the moment for all you can eat Dim Sum buffet for SGD28 ++ (1st session: 11:30-1:15), SGD35 ++ (2nd session: 1:30-3:00) the wheels were set in motion for a morning out eating!  So there we were with the Chili Padi’s parents waiting to sink our teeth into brunch.

I have to compliment here the staff of Jade, I’d last been there 6 years ago and I have to say there service is still as top-notch as last I was there (with the exception me having to ask them to change our plates)!

The buffet allows you to make a selection of 50 items from the menu; ranging from dim sum favorites, to entrees, mains and finally deserts.  I won’t go through all the items that they have on offer but here’s a sample of what’s on offer:

Dim Sum Delights Yes I was in dim sum heaven.. for the cheese lover out there I highly recommend the Gold Cheese Dumpling and also you must also try the deep fried taro with truffle!

I will certainly be back before the promotion ends.  I first need to find myself another stomach or a bigger pair of pants!

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