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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Take me back to Braise-land

Braise – Palawan Beach Sentosabraise rating

Address: 60 Palawan Beach Walk
Level 2 Sentosa

Tel: +65 6271 1929

Orgasmic food and exemplary service are always huge motivators for one wanting to come back to a restaurant for more; case in point Braise @ Palawan Beach Sentosa, Singapore.

I have been talking this place up for the longest of times to my friends, looking for an excuse to come back again and indulge in their Sunday brunch.  Well finally after a little arm twisting; just a tickle actually I managed to assemble a posse to muster together and make our way to Braise for a champagne filled Sunday brunch.

braise Braise is located on the small island of Sentosa (the most Southern tip of Singapore) over looking Palawan beach.  The restaurant itself is set up in the old Palawan Beach train station.  Getting there can be a bit of a hassle but once you’re there you quickly forget the trip in.  A point of note however; the restaurant does have a dress code; sorry guys no flip-flops or singlet's allowed in this place!

Braise - Entrance Pushing away the big ass door you enter the restaurant main; the staff warmly greet you with a very enthusiastic smile and you’re promptly whisked away and seated at your table.  The set Sunday brunch changed slightly from the last time I was there; but in no way shape or form was it for the worst.

Braise- The People

Having some of my good friends along to share the dining experience only helped make the food taste even better and the clock tick ever so slowly…

Braise - EntreeEnter stage left.. our Entree list.. from left to right, top to bottom

  1. Mushroom Soup:  Nice thick and aromatic, served in a little cup for you to drink out of.  If you love your mushroom soup this is really tasty
  2. Caesar Salad: Usually a Caesar Salad brings life to a dull meal; in this case this was one of the few items that took the longest to finish; not because it didn’t taste bad, just that there was way too many other dishes for us to sink our greedy little mouths into!
  3. Seared Scallop with Wakame Pasta: This dish was simply orgasmic! The combination of the scallop and the sea weed with the pasta just left me speechless and wanting to go in for a 3rd and 4th helping.  Sadly everyone else had the same idea, and I had to settle for two helpings :)
  4. Deep Fried Oyster with Garlic Aioli: With or without the sauce this was delicious.  The exterior was crisp, while the whole little parcel of goodness oozed flavor on every bite.
  5. Tomato & Mozzarella Cheese Tart with Parma Ham: I’m an absolute sucker for Parma Ham, it’s salty character and chewy texture coupled with the tart had me wanting to eat more!
  6. Baby Octopus with Passion Fruit and Peanut Dressing: Octopus and Passion Fruit; weird combination you may say, not with this dish.  The octopus was cooked just rite and the passion fruit helped give it a little ‘zest’ and a crunchy taste with every bite
  7. Pan Fried Shrimp & Crab Cake with Peanut Sauce: Too small, too small!  These little beauties were too small for my liking, just when I was beginning to let the flavors swim in my mouth the portion was gone, I’m going to have to come back when no one else is around!

Braise - Foie GrasSorry, I had to dedicated one single picture to the Foie Gras.  I know it’s cruel how they make it.  I know I should not be enjoying it; but with the delicate cut of the knife to pierce the crisp outside and letting each savory morsel melt in my mouth I felt as if I were going to commit a sin by not enjoying it.  To say I am a fan of foie gras is an understatement.  I really cannot find the superlatives to state how wonderful and tasty this interpretation of how to cook and serve foie gras other than “please sir can I have some more?”

Egg Selection Or Pancakes

If you thought that that was all there was to eat, think again.  After stuffing ourselves with the entree we had the enviable task of eating our “eggs or pancakes” meal.  I opted to have the eggs Benedict to accompany the sausages, bacon and cured salmon; nothing short of being egg-cellent!

Braise Main- Duck Leg Confit with Oriental Spice, Carrot and Cucumber Salad

Sticking with my intent to have all things poultry that day I opted for one of my favorite dishes duck confit.  The thought of duck fired in its own fat was just too good to resist, testament to the delicious-ness of the dish I sat there and ate in silence.  The meat was cooked until tender while the flavor of the confit could be tasted with every bite.

Braise DesertOkay at this point in time I was ready to explode.. then along came desert!  The Brioche Toast was just the right dainty size, socked with the vanilla ice cream  it was the perfect end to a gastronomic indulgence!

Braise - Refreshments Verdict: Perfect place, fantastic service, delicious well prepared food and good company made for yet another wonderful day out at Braise.  Oh and by the way the service staff were so nice to set aside separate servings of all the above dishes for one of my friends who turned up late!

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