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Monday, April 12, 2010

Relish Relish?

Relishrelish Rating Meter

Address: 501 Bukit Timah Road
#02-01 Cluny Court, Singapore

Tel: +65 6763 1547


Question: How many burger joints can you pack into a little red dot?

Answer: As many as you can! At the time of this review I counted at least 10 burger joints scattered across this sunny island.  While suffice to say I have tried more than 50% of my burger list only a few have been earmarked on my “re-visit” list.


With a car at our disposal, the chili padi and myself decided to give Relish a try.  Relish was opened by the folks from Wild Rocket.  It’s tucked away in a little corner inside Cluny Court in and around the Adam Road area.  We arrived there just as the  crew were finishing up dinner; when we checked on the web the operation hours stipulated said from 6pm when in actual fact it’s 6:30pm.

Relish - Shop In tune with Wild Rocket the interior is clean and simple, clean simple lines of the decor juxtapose against the colorful mural adorning their feature wall, it certainly gives you a homely feel with large well spaced tables; a welcomed change to the crowded burger joints I’ve been to previously.  After settling down we scoped the menu and ordered with baited breath.

Relish - Burger

Bacon Cheese Burger - SGD16

I opted to order their Bacon Cheese Burger and sadly I must say that I was rather disappointed with my burger; the bun itself was a little too firm not indicative of it supposedly being freshly baked.  The meat patty itself was a tad dry and lacking in taste, perhaps a little too long on the hotplate, I wasn’t able to really taste the meat at all.  The bacon was cooked just right and the relish itself was tasty enough but all that and a slice of emmental cheese sadly, was not enough to help save the dear burger.

The chili padi ordered the Blue Cheese burger which tasted so much better on all fronts; the bun was soft and springy and the cheese complimented the burger to a “T”.

Verdict: Sad to say my experience at Relish was pretty hit and miss, while the service and the ambiance of the place was great the burgers were a bit of a let down; based on my previous experience of eating at wild rocket (I’ve had nicer tasting burgers without having to pay a small fortune) I expected a whole lot more.

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