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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hey Waiter there’s Ink in my Pasta!

Pasta Inc.Pasta Inc Rating Meter


279 Jalan Besar

Singapore, 208943

Tel:6297 7515‎

Having being an avid fan of all things pasta *insert happy childhood memories of eating spaghetti bolognaise here* I’ve always wanted to try out this little restaurant and the restaurant that preceded it  (Stiff Chili) at Jalan Besar; unfortunately with every little excursion I’d made out there to eat they’d be closed.

Fortunately for me on this occasion the Chili Padi and made plans to visit, the mission, eat our bellies full of pasta (well not really, first objective was to at least ensure the place was open for us to go in and have a feed!), so with whetted appetites we set about getting our pasta fix.
CapturePasta Inc. is located at Jalan Besar; not the area where you would expect to find an Italian restaurant there’s a big-ass sign though on the buildings facade, so you’ve no excuse for missing it!

Pasta Inc - DecorThe restaurant itself is quite small and cozy, a much welcome relief to the large and often noisy places; here at least you can sit down enjoy your dishes without having to worry about straining ones vocal cords/hearing to engage in a conversation.

Pasta Inc - EntreeOur entree started off with not too much fanfare we ordered the Fritto Misto which translates to various seafood items battered and fried with a side of Pasta Inc’s cocktail sauce.  As much as I love my battered seafood the distribution of salt within the batter was inconsistent; some items were lacking in salt, while others were adequately salted.  The cocktail sauce was nice and light but was lacking a certain ‘punch’.

Pasta Inc - Mains_1For my main, I ordered the Capellini Con Codine Di Aragosta: Angel hair pasta served with crayfish in Pasta Ink's tomato based sauce, cartoccio style.  Having pasta cooked then baked in a paper bag was something new to me.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well the paper bag was able to retain and enhance the flavor of my dish.  The pasta was still surprisingly firm and the sauce was full bodied.

Pasta Inc - Mains_2The chili padi ordered for herself the Spaghetti Al Frutti Di Marie E Nero Di Seppia: Spaghetti cooked with fresh assorted seafood in a squid ink based sauce (something which I wanted to order originally).  It looked great, but sadly what would have been a great squid ink pasta quickly became something which I will not order here again.  Unfortunately the shell fish that was used in the dish were not cleaned sufficiently; when I took a few bites of the dish there  was a grainy taste to it.

Verdict: I have to say I’ve mixed feelings about this place.  While the service is very helpful and friendly, the restaurant itself a nice place to go to with that special someone, the food was a bit hit and miss it wasn’t enough to leave a lasting impression for me to want to come back and try more.

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