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Friday, April 2, 2010

Festivities A Plenty

Osia RestaurantOsia Rating Meter

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway

Festive Walk, Resorts World Sentosa

Phone: +65 6577 8899

“Hey let’s do dinner, my company gives me a small allowance to dine at some restaurants at Resorts World, let’s go eat!” One doesn’t get many invitations like this and with the promise of contra-ing the afore mentioned with a booze session somewhere down the line I and a few other privileged few made our way to Osia at the newly opened Resorts World at Sentosa.

Osia features the menu of Aussie chef Scott Webster whose forte is creating menus with emphasis on using fresh Australian primary produce by fusing these ingredients French and Japanese cooking techniques, the result is something magical for the mouth.

Getting to the restaurant is a little tricky, there’s not much signage yet at along festival walk so be sure you know where abouts it is and always remember; when in doubt ASK!


The decor within Osia is uber modern.  In the waiting area you can hear the clatter from the open kitchen; walking over to our table is a like a trip to the Australian outback; cactus plants adorn the eating area.


Accompanying me for the nights feast were a couple of friends of mine; all of which are avid photographers; so as you can imagine during the course of the courses being served the continual “click” of camera shutters could be heard!


First up on the menu was the Seafood Experience which comprised of the following combinations of seafood with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic ingredients served in a test-tubes:

  1. Pineapple Lemongrass Ice + Blue Fin Tuna
  2. Quandong Orange Ice + Amaebi Shrimp
  3. Calamansi "Mojito" Ice + Sea Scallop
  4. Lychee Martini Ice + Oyster
  5. Watermelon Lillipilli Ice + Maine Lobster
  6. Apple Celery Ice + Tasmanian Salmon

We were all fighting not only to sample each morsel of food but to also capture this unique way of serving these delectable morsels.  I have to say I was taken back by the sensory overload each bite gave, coupled with the way it was presented it left me wanting more!

BreadNext up was some bread which again was served in their own special way; we ordered both the breads that were offered on the menu:

  1. Red Centre Spice
  2. Black Olive Rosemary flat bread

SauceBoth were served with an accompanying tubes of Tomato Basil; shoot I wanted to have one of them magically appear in my pocket when I got home, but my dining companions had other ideas!  The beads were cooked just nicely, but if you had to ask me which was the pick of the two I would have to say the Black Olive Rosemary flat bread won me over, accompanied with the Tomato Basil I was floating!


The Chili Padi ordered the Black Angus Beef Tenderloin (as the two other of our dining trope), I have to say it looked too pretty to eat but the aroma of the beef and its condiments was too enticing to resist; a few bites I was in meat lovers heaven, cooked to perfection it just melted away in my mouth.  I was so happy that she wasn’t able to finish it; one of the few times I looked forward to finishing off someone else’s meal :)

Osia - Mulwarra Lamb Rack and ShankI on the other hand ordered the Mulwarra Lamb.  What’s so good about this you ask.. it’s as you would say the rolls-royce of lamb, the meat is considered the finest lamb from within the South Australia region and you can certainly taste it with every mouthful.  It really has been a long while since I have truly been silenced at the dinner table while eating my mains, I literally just sat there enjoyed small little pieces of my meal with every chew.. to try and prolong the experience I took smaller and smaller pieces; yes I found it that good!  The Parsnip and Mint sauce complimented the lamb rack superbly, it was distinctively minty while not overpowering the taste of the lamb itself.  I could literally go on for pages writing how good this dish was but I’d probably bore you to death!  As we’d say it back home.. “It was bloody grouse!”

Osia - DesertsStill trying to recover from the sensory overload that was my main; along came desert.  Who would of thought that your Aussie “pav” could be so sexy?  Well I have to say the wattle seed pavlova was something special. The meringue was crispy yet delicate on the inside, accompanied with the mango and wattle seed it was truly something was wasn’t enough.. I really wanted more.

The Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup was another delicious desert; topped with vanilla / pepper (yes you read rite pepper) ice cream this desert was the favorite amongst the majority (I loved the Pav), I thought that the soup was a little over cooked and the soup looked more like a pudding but it didn’t spoil the taste; how can you go wrong with Valrhona Chocolate?

The Chocolate Ganache was sinfully good, it was smooth and silky and the pear soaked in ice wine accompanied the Ganache nicely.. pity that we were all oo-ing and ah-ing about the Chocolate Soup!

Verdict: What can I say I loved the food in the place; it is something that I’d be willing to come back again and again for.  What peeved me a little was the service in the restaurant; when we reached there (a little past our reservation time) our table wasn’t ready for an good 10 minutes, mind you the restaurant wasn’t full at that stage.  It did take a while to get the attention of the staff to make our orders and we had to constantly request to have our water refilled, and at the end of the day they mixed up our  bill with the adjoining table.  Hopefully the next time I am there the service will improve and the food stays the same if not better!

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