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Monday, March 8, 2010

“Would you like fries with that?”

Everything With Fries

Address:fries Rating Meter

458 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore

Tel: +65 6345 5034


Sunday date nite; armed with a car and a wanting to try some where we’d not normally be able to get to with public transport, the fiancé and I were debating where to go and eat.  Remembering a little place at Joo Chiat in the East I suggested we try Everything With Fries for our dinner today.

They say that getting there is always 1/2 the fun and well the journey to our intended destination was nothing short of fun filled.  On the way from my house we managed to take a wrong turn here and a wrong turn there.  Eventually we made it to the place.. eventually!


Even at 830pm on a Sunday night the place was a buzz, the restaurant was quite full and there were people outside waiting to be seat; usually people waiting to actually get into the place is a sign of good things to come, but as I have learned to expect with in Singapore queues for food does not necessarily equate to good food.

Getting seated was not a difficult affair; the clean white walls and the bareness of the place gave the you the feeling that their focus was solely on the food; I like white, I like simplicity, I waited to be served.

Fries Waiting

After placing our order from a very friendly and helpful maitre dee we waited.. and waited.. and waited; finally our Vanilla malt milkshake reared its head.

Fries milkshake Vanilla Malt Milkshake (SGD4.90)

While the milkshake was sufficiently thick and tasty I was rather perturbed by the size.  I’m too use to seeing ‘em in a larger metallic cups (too many milkshakes in Australia), but not to gripe too much the shake was tasty and something that I will have again.

Minutes passed like hours, hours passed like days and we were still without our food!  To be honest by the time our food had come out the ice cream within the milkshake had long since melted.  If it wasn’t for the company I would have died of boredom; so folks please be prepared to wait a good while for your food to come.  Though there were ample service staff buzzing about there didn’t see to be enough cooks!

fries Karubi Karubi (SGD18.90)

Finally! It came, I ordered something that was new on the menu: the Kabuki – braised beef rib which is then seared and accompanied with a <name of sauce>, salt & vinegar fries and baby Caesar salad.  Verdict: The meat itself was very firm on the outside yet surprisingly tender and moist on the inside, the sauce complimented the beef rather well and the fries were simply yummy.  Sad to say though it didn’t look like a lot for the price I paid!

fries FishBreaded Salmon (SGD13.90)

The breaded salmon was also ordered and while the salmon was cooked just right the tangy sauce was a little too tangy for my fiancés liking.  The curry fries were rather scrumptious however!

fries Nutella TartNutella Tart (SGD4.90)

And lastly for the evening was desert.  We ordered their signature Nutella Tart; while the Nutella chocolate blend was silky smooth and the chocolate cookie base was nice and firm, we were left wondering what happened to the Nutella?  Sorry to say there was little hint of the nutty goodness that one comes to expect from Nutella in this one, but since it was chocolate it was delicious (to me at least) none the less!

In conclusion ‘Everything with Fries’ is a nice place to hang out; the staff there are friendly and at tentative, the food (when it does eventually comes) tastes quite alright.  Perhaps if we head back there next time I’ll give one of their burgers a try.



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