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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ice Ice Baby.. Vanilla Ice Ice Baby..

Vanilla Bar & CafeVanilla Rating Meter

Address: 3 Boon Tat Street

#01-01, Singapore 069612

Phone: +65 6423-0366

I’d walked past this place many a times in my past, yet it wasn’t until reading about it on someone else’s food blog Amasou, Umasou that I got to discover this little gem of a bar / cafe tucked away in the middle of Singapore’s CBD.

imageThis place reminds me of the cafes I’m use to frequenting around Darlinghurst in Sydney, small quaint unassuming places where more often than not you find something special that makes your wanting to come back again and again.  As soon as you open the door you’re greeting with the alluring aroma of yep you guessed it Vanilla.. deliciously comforting vanilla; accompanied with some classic Japanese anime and retro toys and you’re taken away from the hustle and bustle that is the rat-race outside.

Vanilla Entrance

Unfortunately we missed their happy hour (4pm-8pm) but no matter I’ve already ear-marked going back there again one of these days to drink my fill of Asahi!

The Chili Padi and I each ordered separate mains but shared a desert; more often than not we’ve been guilty of over ordering then later struggling to finish everything.

IMG_6951 Pan Fried Udon with Chicken – SGD9.90

The Chili Padi ordered the Pan Fried Udon with Chicken.  The chicken was nice and crunchy while the udon was fried just nice so they were still ‘springy’.  The sauce while probably salty for most we found to our liking, it complimented the chicken nicely!

Vanilla Bar Burger Sampler Mini Burger Sampler – SGD7.90

While I ordered the mini burger sampler; two mini burgers filled with Teriyaki pork and chicken.. delicious.. luckily I only ordered that for my mains as my favorite part of my meal that evening was about to descent upon me.. Desert!

IMG_6958 Matcha Azuki Ice Cream – SGD7.90

This to me was ‘da bomb’ never in my life have a tasted a green tea ice cream that was smooth, milky and somehow a little firm; it was if I was eating a cold marshmallow, spoon after spoon I kept asking myself whether or not I was eating ice cream.  I thoroughly enjoyed and it’s something that I will keep coming back to have again and again.

Verdict:  This little cafe/bar tucked away unobtrusively is certainly a new favorite place for me to want to come back and visit; while the food may not be heavy on your stomach you know you can always fill up the extra space with beer and ice cream (by the way my friends ordered the mini brownies and they were in heaven!).  The service staff are very attentive and very friendly.. I can’t wait to make my return!

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