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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Got Ramen!

Ippudo SGIppudo Rating Meter


333A Orchard Road
#04-02/03/04 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore
6235 2797

“Well what do you feel like eating?” – that always seems to be the question we seem to be asking each other and most of the time we usually find something good to eat.  As was the case Sunday afternoon/evening, after a day of house hunting, wedding hunting it culminated in a search of a bite to eat at the end of long day!  Based on a recommendation from a friend of the Chili Padi we headed over to one of those new swanky malls along Orchard Road: The newly refurbished Mandarin Gallery for some Ippudo Ramen!

Ippudo-EntranceApparently there has been a lot of buzz surrounding this place;  I only really found out about how popular it is with the locals today on the radio, being one of the lucky few who have managed to go in and try the ramen here with very little waiting time I feel blessed.  Mind you we go there slightly before 6pm and there was already a short queue being formed outside the restaurant!

Ippudo SG is slightly different from my other favorite ramen joint Sapporo Ramen Miharu; this place is a mix between a funky chill out lounge and a restaurant (as opposed to the bare minimalistic  setting of Miharu) but both offer the same thing; an exquisite journey to ramen heaven!

Ippudo - Inside When we made our way past the entrance to the restaurant we were greeted by a continuation of the line from the outside; while we were not starving I do warn those visiting this place that there may be a short wait before you’re actually seated!

Finally being seated we started dissecting the menu.. hmm.. ramen, ramen and more ramen; the choice was simple!  There were other things on the menu but we were focused.. ramen all the way baby!  It was also very refreshing to actually have green tea tea.. not from a tea bag ya!  The tea comes out in a non-refillable pot.. so savor every drop you can folks.

Ippudo - Interior Finally the main event; after placing our order we didn’t have to wait long for our bowls of steamy goodness came to our table.  All I can say is I was in heaven.. behold the sight that is Ippudo ramen:

Ippudo - Ramen

Miso Tonkatsu - SGD15 (approx)

Akamaru w/Kakuni - SGD19 (approx)

Verdict: What can I say but WOW!!!!! I was oh so happy with my Miso Tonkatsu that I begrudgingly shared it with the Chili Padi (just kidding), the broth was nothing short of OISHI! I’ve fallen in love with the ramen here.. really I have.. the soup was flavorful without any ‘after taste’ while the noodles were cooked just rite to retain their springiness, the egg was cooked as you would expect; the yolk firm yet runny and the pork was soft and tender.  Needless to say I finished all the soup and slightly more than 1/2 my share of the noodles yet I still wanted more!  I had some of the Chili Padi’s Akarmaru w/Kakuni it had a slightly more sweet porky taste to it but delicious nonetheless!

For a meal that is in the SGD15-20 price range at Orchard to me at least it’s a steal, you and really spend the afore mentioned amount on some really crappy food else where along the shopping belt, but the price you pay at Ippudo you get fantastic attentive service, seating in a cool and funky restaurant AND Oishi ramen.  Pinch me now before I fall down the rabbit hole!

Thanks Chili Padi for such a scrumptious dinner!

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