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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It’s a KL Affair

Various Locations in Kuala Lumpur and its Surrounds

The past few weeks have been nothing short of crazy for me; where do I begin?  There’s been an addition to the family: Luka Petersen, a trip to Sydney to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, a proposal and various trips north of Singapore for various wedding preparations. 

IMG_0445 Its bye bye Singapore.. hello Kuala Lumpur

Apologies to those of you out there reading this blog for the lack of culinary activity.  This post hopefully will appease some of you *fingers crossed* it’s a summary of all things food that I’ve been able to indulge in while I have been up in Kuala Lumpur!

Paper Wrapped Chicken @ Balakong

image Jalan Dagang 4/1 Seri Kembangan

As the name suggests it’s paper wrapped in chicken.  Don’t be however be mistaken by the simplicity of this dishes name.  I found myself wanting more of this packaged chook; the only thing stopping me was the fact that this was the first stop of many a eating place in KL itself.  This accompanied with Yong Tau Fu was the perfect way to start the day in a new country – that and the fact that I was driving for 3 hours!

IMG_0447Paper Wrapped Chicken with Sambal Kang Kong and Yong Tau Fu 

I cannot for the life of me remember how much we paid for these tiny morsels BUT it was as cheap as chips by Singapore standards.  Be warned however if you want to eat this, it’s in a non-air-conditioned coffee shop so dress light!

Supper @ Petaling Jaya

image  SS2 –SS19 Food Galore

After a tiring day of visiting bridal shop after bridal shop we needed a well deserved feed and being around Petaling Jaya we were not short of things to eat! When in KL or Malaysia for that matter you have to really try their Hokkien Mee, noodles cooked with pork lard, black sauce and everything else that would send your cardiologist bonkers but your taste buds to heaven.  Healthy it ain’t but who really gives a dam when you’re famished and craving for something sinful!

IMG_0453I love my Hokkien Mee

Aside from the Hokkien Mee the most fantastic thing about eating in a typical Malaysia coffee shop is the abundance of other varieties of food to munch on.  I did mention that we were famished didn’t I?  Well aside from the Hokkien Mee we ordered other things and we only stopped ordering because we were nearing the point of explosion!


Yes there is a food god.. and I think he/she lives in Malaysia!

Soo Kee @ Jalan Imbi

If there is ever a place you must must go when you are in Kuala Lumpur Restoran Soo Kee at Jalan Imbi is the place to go.  All things fried noodle is served here and whatever you sink your teeth into here is guaranteed  to please. 

image Jalan Imbi – A place where you will never run out of good food to eat

Jalan Imbi itself is a street littered with places to eat, whether you’re up for some char kuey tao, fish ball noodles or bah ku teh this place has all that and more, and being near the golden triangle it’s relatively accessible and it’s open until quite late at night.


What’s for Lunch Today?

Sitting in the restaurant you stare at all the antiquated furniture and sign boards, you’re left wondering just how many people, how many generations have sat where you’re sitting and eaten the same delicious food time and time again.

Soo Mee Beef Hor Fun

The signature dish if one may call it that at Soo Kee has to be their Big Prawn Mee (Big Prawn Noodle)

Big Prawn Mee

This place of noodle goodness is filled with deep fried egg noodles veggies and sauce, topped off with a huge mother of a prawn; head and all.  Words fail to describe how it tastes, the blending of thick gooey gravy, fried noodles and prawn swims happily in your mouth before you making its way downwards.  It’s not good.. it’s fantastic!

Elcerdo: Nose to Tail Eating @ Werner’s Place

Who’d of thought that in a mainly Muslim country you could find yourself a place that does nearly everything pork!  Elcerdo would have to be the find of this trip to Kuala Lumpur, just thinking about it sends my taste buds in a tizzy!

image 43/45,Changkat Bukit Bintang

Tucked away just off Jalan Bukit Bintang is the most heavenly place to find all things pork.  I kid you not this place serves the best tasting pork ribs this food glutton has tasted in many moons; more of that later!

Elcerdo Front This place serves I guess you would say a fusion of Spanish and German cooking styles.  Our entrees consisted of the following.. but the best was yet to come!

Elcerdo FoodHonest to goodness I thought that I had tasted some good ribs back in Sydney, but these were da bomb.  They were succulently  marinated and cooked to perfection, the meat was tender yet dry and it required a little effort to get them off the bone but it was well worth it.

IMG_0132Oh yeah who’s ya daddy! 

If that wasn’t enough there was still the issue of the 1/2 suckling pig and paella to knock over.  Suffice to say there was enough food to feed a small army, it was all good but I still cannot get the taste of those juicy ribs out of my mind!

IMG_0150Here Piggy Piggy 

IMG_6473 Vegetarian Paella

Yes they even give you a little piggy bag if you cannot finish your meal.. ate until we were full.. I’m definitely coming back here again!

IMG_0176 Please Sir Can I have More?

Restoran Sun Ming

Fancy some BBQ/Roasted meats anyone?  This little beauty made us wait 30 minutes to take away 1/2 a duck, roasted and BBQ’ed pork!  Not that we were complaining when we got back in the car.  Apparently this place is famous for those in KL and after eating what they had to offer I can understand why.


No 137, Jalan Sarjana, Taman Connaught

When we arrived there I could see a long line of people patiently waiting in the hot sun for their turn to order; generally in Singapore when you see a queue like this you ask yourself whether waiting in line would be worth it, in Malaysia generally when you see a horde of people waiting patiently for their food you know you’ve found something special!

Sun Ming

This place is famous for their BBQ duck!  And rightly so, the skin is paper thin and crunchy and you can taste the flavorful goodness of the duck with every bite.  Surprisingly it’s not as tough as I would have expected the duck to be.  Sad to say I was too busy watching the fellas in the store chopping away at the duck to take photos of the roasted and BBQed pork, they too were equally delicious.

Sun Ming Duck

Kuala Lumpur I shall return!


  1. Hahahaha... LOL

    General Sidney aka ElasticPants ala General MacArthur famous words "I shall return"

    great reviews, pics and blog mate!

    I'm so gonna get fat with those map locations... :P

  2. Mate.. better to die with a fat smile on your face eating what you want than to live long not smiling and not eating all this good stuff!



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