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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Old Chicken Houses

Foong Kee Coffee ShopFoong Kee Coffee Shop


Foong Kee Coffee Shop

6 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089165

After my usual Saturday morning tennis game we head over to the Ghim Moh hawker centre near Holland Village to put back all the fat that we usually work off from the tennis; but last Saturday I was in for a treat.  My tennis buddies decided to head over to Keong Saik Road for some roasted meats.

Keong Siak Road has had a colored past, back in the 1960’s it used to be the red-light district of Singapore; while those days have long since gone, some of the old sign-boards that identified brothels of old still litter the street (see below).

Foon Kee Coffee Shop 1

Hello Sir.. love you long time!

Next to one of these former brothels lies Foong Kee Coffee Shop,  directly opposite 25 Degrees Celsius, another place that frequently visit for their vast array of cooking books!  So many times have I been to this street and so many times have I walked past this coffee shop and wondered what the crowd was all about, and today I was going to sample the wonderful roasted delights that this shop had to offer.

I generally have this rule of thumb when eating in Singapore; when there is a long queue I generally take the ‘goodness’ of the food with a very small pinch of salt – sad to say after traveling around the region my taste buds are ruthless when it comes to the food here, that and after queuing one too many times for ‘good food’ that tasted only average, once bitten twice shy as they say!  I used the food that I ate in Hong Kong as my  benchmark and I have to say I was not disappointed today!

Verdict:  I have to say the roasted meat and the mee at this place is the best that I’ve had here in Singapore.  No wonder my friends ordered the larger plate of roasted meat.

Foong Kee Coffee Shop 2

Hmmmm… Roasted Meats

For coffee shop / street food this place is da-bomb, we were all literally fighting to eat every piece of meat; they say the char siew pork is the highlight of this dish, but I have to say it’s the mee that compliments the meats that seals the deal.

Foong Kee Coffee shop 3

Mee that was so nice my buddies ate two bowls!

This place gets crowded really fast and you generally have to wait a little while for your food, but trust me it is really worth the wait… the roasted meats are very flavorful and cooked just nicely in that you can taste and savor the juice of each, pop some of the very springy mee in and you’re taken to another level with the mee adding that additional texture to whatever is already dancing in your mouth.  The only let down I had about the food was the wanton; sadly it lacked any substance and the wanton wrapper was a little too thick; perhaps I was just bowled over by the wonder meats.

If you don’t mind the short hike from the MRT station and coffee shop dining you really should take a visit to this place, aside from the fab tasting food you can immerse yourself in some history; knowing you’re dining in an ex-seedy place of Singapore!

Thanks again to my tennis buddies for showing me this place, as I type this I have a sudden urge to go and eat there again.. it’s the closest thing to eating roasted meats in Hong Kong, without the hefty airfare!

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  1. Tried the ones at Tiong Bahru Market as well mate?



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