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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Martini Happy Hour? Where?

Wine BOS

Address: Winebos Rating

17 Jalan Klapa, Singapore

Phone: +65 6538 7886

It has been a long time between drinks for me and my friends Charles and Catherine, who after many a message in Facebook invited my friends and I down to their new establishment at Jalan Klapa for something that turned out to be a little special.

Getting there is a short stroll from either Bugis or Lavender MRT:


For those of you in the know Wine BOS used to be situated at the North Canal Road.  Since moving to Jalan Klapa a few months ago I’ve not been to visit (traveling here there and everywhere).

Wine Bos - People The Wednesday nite Martini Club :)

Rustled up a group of friend to head on down to sample their Martini Happy hour (normally from 6-8pm) and the free flow Tapas; thanks again Charles and Catherine for extending this out to our group of 10.  The martini happy hour comprises of three varieties of martinis in big glasses @ SGD15 for two!

Wine Bos - Tapas 

The interior IS Wine BOS the familiar Red walls that lined the former Vino Vino restaurant is back, a nice cozy place to sit back chill and enjoy some fine wine and / or martinis with some delicious food to boot!

Wine Bos - Mains Die Die Must Try the Steak!

The mains here are to die for.  Again thanks Charles for arranging a sample for me.. love you long long time buddy!  The steak according to not only myself and my friends was superb.. if you’re meat eater you’re really gonna have to try this, no if’s or but’s it is really to die for.  The mini burgers were juicy and flavorful, but the steak really left a lasting impression on my palate.

Aside from the mains we ordered some finger food: Wedges, Fries and Calamari, all went down as soon as they came out to our table and the silence of everyone enjoying their food was deafening!

Verdict: If you have not been to this place GO yes I am friends with the owners, but you will be too once you come by, they’re always willing to stop by and see how you’re doing and their service staff too are always friendly and accommodating.  By the end of the night we polished off 26 glasses of Martinis, quite an easy thing to do @ 1:1 during their happy hour.  Their new premises as FREE on the street parking after 5, I do strongly recommend that you do drink responsibly!

Go by and visit this place before they get really really crowded.  My friends and I have found a new watering hole!

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  1. darn paparazzi! ;)

    great review on WineBOS there...

    maybe do one of the other favored watering holes? ;)



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