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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Japanese Spaghetti

Sapporo Ramen MiharuRamen Heaven - Rating


1 Nanson Road, #01-11 The Gallery Hotel, Singapore

Phone: +65 6733 8464

Was supposed to head on over to Ricotti @ Clarke Quay for a spot of dinner – under ruse of hoping to take advantage of their 1:1 offer.  Sadly when we arrived we found it wasn’t applicable for dinner so we racked our heads thinking where we can go and eat our fill.  True to form the Chili Padi came up with the goods and we trekked our way over from Clarke Quay to the Gallery Hotel for some Ramen Lovin’


After walking for what felt like forever we reached Ramen nirvana; grabbed a seat inside (thank goodness we got there relatively early, the place does fill up rather quickly around 8). 

Ramen Heaven - Welcome

The place must be doing something rite as they expanded their restaurant to a second little enclave at the base of the hotel and after tucking in to their Ramen I can understand why.

Ramen Heaven - Gyouzu

Pork Gyouzu - SGD6

The Chili Padi ordered the Miso Tonkotsu Ramen while I proceeded to order the Tokusen Tonshio Ramen, both equally yummy and equally delicious in their own ramen way!

Ramen Heaven - Its all About the Ramen Miso Tonkotsu Ramen – SGD13

Tokusen Tonshio Ramen – SGD12.50 

Verdict:  The ramen here is awesome, you definitely can taste the myriad of flavors swimming around in the stock while the noodles themselves were cooked just nice.  Okay I was taking the piss out of it being Japanese spaghetti; to say that about a dish as good as this would do it an injustice.  I have to say however that they could have given these two hungry travelers a little more pork with the ramen but hey, beggars can’t be choosers rite?

The Gyouzu was only so-so the meat stuffing was a little on the skimpy side but it was cooked to perfection, very crisp and crunchy to the bite.  I do have to say though that the service staff there were left wanting at times, and the restaurant wasn’t that crowded when we were eating.  But all in all it was a good dining experience, I would have loved to have washed it all down with a bottle of sapporo but I’m saving my eating and stomach space for Sydney!

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  1. Glad u found the same place I like and used to go pretty frequently mate!

    Now to find more kakis to head there more frequently...

  2. Definately mate.. let's plan a Ramen outing when I waddle back from Sydney; bring your 'bag' and your glass!



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