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Friday, November 27, 2009

Won’t You Take Me to.. Waffletown

WaffletownWaffletown Rating Meter


271 Bukit Timah Road, #01-02 Balmoral Plaza, Singapore

Stuck for where to go and what to eat of a Saturday nite, the Chili Padi and I decided to try this little hole in the wall around Bukit Timah; that and the fact that our original destination had to be abandoned due to a massive traffic jam in short no thanks to the ASEAN meeting delegates taking a drive around Singapore.

I’ve always wanted to give this place a try but funnily enough I had never gotten around to it, all that was about to change.  When we were walking towards the place it reminded me of  the A&W Root beer outlets that use to litter the landscape here in Singapore.

Waffletown - 60's Diner

When we got into the place there were three distinct things I noticed:

  1. Everyone was eating chicken (yes in a waffle place)
  2. The decor was taken out of an old style diner (complete with swivel chairs)
  3. The place was run by what seemed like an entire family

We quickly decided on dining alfresco as we didn’t want the smell of all things fried as our new cologne.  So after ordering our grub it was out the door and wait.. and wait.. and wait.  Despite the place being rather busy the chap who was taking our orders was able to remember who ordered what and he did keep us informed of the status of our food.

Waffletown - Joint Wings

The Chili Padi ordered herself the 6 piece Country Joint Wing Meal which comprised of mash, coleslaw and a drink.

I ordered the trusty old fish ‘n chips.

Waffletown - Fish n Chips

I didn’t come all the way out to waffle town not to indulge in at least one waffle!

Waffletown - Waffles

Verdict: I have to say that I really didn’t find anything special about the chicken wings other than the fact that they were very crisp, the chicken itself was a little pink in some parts and lacked enough flavor.

The serving of the fish ‘n chips was appalling.  I was expecting something a little more substantial.  The fish themselves looked a tad bit like the fish fingers you buy at the supermarket just coated in extra batter and fried.  The tomato that came with the salad was a few days past it’s prime, very soft and powdery to eat.

The only real saving grace in the meals were the fries (which were done just nice) and the waffles!  Nice and crunchy, but not too hard on your teeth, accompanied with some whipped cream and ice cream I was somewhat happier.

I’ll only come back if the waffles call to me; they’d better call out very very loud!

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