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Monday, November 9, 2009

Paradise Found in the IT Jungle

Paradise InnParadiseInnRating


109 North Bridge Road,#02-10/11 Funan Digital Life Mall, Singapore

In search of a place to eat while waiting for a performance at the Victoria Theatre, the Chili Padi, her parents and I happened to chance upon this chain restaurant situated in the midst of the IT jungle that is Funan Mall.

Surprising that when lost or stuck for ideas of where and what to eat sometimes you happen to chance upon something new and after your initial reservations of trying something untried and tested you walk out with a grin on your face and a full stomach!

As is the case of this little gem.  We strolled on in with the intent on grabbing something light to tide us over prior to a performance by Ennio Marchetto.  It was initially worrying when we stepped into the restaurant and there were more service staff than patrons.

The restaurant itself is fairly new in the mall itself, the decor is a mix between the funky and old.  After sitting down we scoured through the menu to find something to eat; of the noodle  variety, that and an accompaniment of teas for two.

The service staff were happy to recommend what we should be drinking and what we should be eating but at the end of day we ended up choosing ourselves, and here’s what we ordered:


Lily, Forget Me Not & Jasmine, Osmanthus, Dried Longan Tea

Verdict: The servings of tea looked a little on the skimpy side, if it weren’t for the quirky little tea cups I could have sworn that the tea pots contents would have emptied into maybe two standard Chinese tea cups.  The teas themselves were mild and quite fragrant, our pick of the crop was the Lily, Forget Me Not.  We had to request for more water for each pot and sad to say most of the flavor was washed away with the second refill.


 Hong Kong Noodles - (SGD 10.00)IMG_0130

A Big Assed Fork!

This was the Chili Padi and my dish for the evening the “curly noodles” similar to the Sarawak Colo Mee were springy and chewy; needless to say I ate three (3) bowls!


Fried Hor Fun with Venison - (SGD12.00)

Verdict: The thought of Bambi  with noodles anyone?  Sad to say this was very disappointing.  The noodles were a tad too dry and clumped together in pieces and the venison was slightly over cooked making it a rather chewy experience.


Braised Vermicelli with Pork Trotters – (SGD12.00)

Verdict:  The claim to fame with this particular dish from this restaurant  is that the stewed pork trotter is stewed in house not taken from a can (as in most other restaurants).  While this dish wasn’t really my calling I must say that I was nice, the pork was soft, tasty and tender while the noodles had plenty of texture and flavor.  If you want to have this dish be sure you’re ready for a wait as it does take slightly longer than the usual stuff.

All in all it was a treat to be pleasantly surprised with this place, the food was decent enough to make me want to come back and try again.  I just hope that next time the service staff are a little more observant and offer to fill one’s tea cup once empty and to also offer to refill your pot with hot water once it’s empty.

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