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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pan Seared Japanese Chicken Curry with Rice and Brinjal (Egg Plant)

@ Sin Ming Cook House / Bakery / Whateva


Who’s to say that the best tasting meals require everything to be done from scratch?  I admit that from time to time I seek a little “help” from the outside; it’s just the cold hard facts of life that as a working professional sometimes you’re just too lazy to do everything from scratch.  Enter stage left Muji!

Muji is short for "mujirushi ryohin" or "unbranded high quality goods" ( and there are several stores scattered across Singapore.  While I won’t too much detail of what they sell, I almost always end up buying something from their food section; be it something to nibble on while on my merry way, or as was the case on Sunday some insta-sauces for some meals this week.

CurryChickenJapPackagingJapanese Yellow Curry - (SGD4.90)

I landed myself a packet of yellow Japanese Curry (SGD4.90). The instructions were simple: add sachet to boiling water for 5-7 minutes.  But hey before I jump to that there were other items on the menu as well.

  1. Lightly salt chicken pieces (remove skin for a healthier option)
  2. Wash and slice brinjal into 1.5cm pieces
  3. Wash 1/2 a cup of rice and let it sit for 10mins before bringing to boil then simmer until water evaporates
  4. In a shallow pan sear then slowly cook chicken for approximately 15mins on each side (length varies on thickness and piece of chicken), I used thigh – additional note I use a non-stick pan and I do not use any oil to cook my chook, it’s all about looking after yourself :)
  5. Remove from chicken from pan and set aside
  6. Add brinjal to pan and sear for 5mins each side, sprinkling them with a dash of salt and pepper.  For the more adventurous try a dash of paprika to give it a little more oomph!
  7. In a separate pot bring water to boil and cook yellow curry sauce as per instructions – tip if you want to boil your water faster, get it boiling in the kettle first!
  8. Arrange rice, brinjal and chicken on plate
  9. Add curry sauce to chicken, garnish with sesame seeds (if available)


See it wasn’t that hard was it?  After a hard days work it’s always good to come home and be able to whip something up that’s quick and simple, yes I cheated a bit by using the instant yellow curry sauce but when you’re generally cooking for one sometimes cheating prospers!

CurryChicken-FinaleBon Appétit - Sidney


  1. i saw the photo on your profile a few days back...seemed pretty interesting. good choice to stick with the chicken without skin...i hate chicken skin...

    also, notice that you changed brinjol to brinjal :) was gonna point it out but thought it's some aussie spelling. heh.

  2. Thanks to you and Stef for pointing that out. Oh by the way.. wanna know what I did with the chicken skin? Took all the fat off it salted it on both sides and pan fried to and made some crispy chicken skin crackle. I didn't eat it myself; someone else enjoyed it though!



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