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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Best and the Wurst of Things

Swiss German Sausage BarSwiss German - Rating Meter


391 Orchard Road, #B204-2-1 Ngee Ann City Mall,


Having a craving for food is always a good thing in my books.  It takes the fuss and stress of thinking of what cuisine to eat.  Thankfully the Chili Padi had a craving for German sausage after watching a travel show on cable; so with cuisine in mind we took a trip to the “Swiss German Sausage Bar” located at the basement of the Takashimaya food hall for some Wurst!  Though to be honest I would have loved to have gone to another haunt (Werner’s at East Coast) but for proximity sake Takashimaya would have to do.

Swiss German Sausage - What's on Offer

I have to say that I’ve always been a fan of sausage; be it German, Italian, Polish or even the humble Aussie butcher’s “snag” (BBQ sausage) and nothing riles me more than a poorly cooked sausage.  Thankfully the sausages at the sausage bar are cooked the way they should be; quickly boiled then fired on a hot plate with EVO (Extra Virgin Olive oil). The result of this is a crispy skinned juicy sausage that makes a distinctive “crunch” with every bite.

Swiss German Sausage Bar - Sausage Platter

Sausage Platter Set - (SGD14)

I ordered the sausage platter set meal which comprised of:

  • Pork Bockwurst
  • French Chicken Garlic
  • Smoked Pork Bratwurst

Which was served with sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) and mash potato and came with a mango pudding desert and soft drink of your choice.

Swiss German Sausage Bar - Sausage with Rosti

Smoked Pork Bratwurst w/Rosti - (SGD9.80)

The Chili Padi ordered the Smoked Pork Bratwurst with Rosti (shredded potato fried as a crunchy omelet)

Verdict:  This place is all about sausages and well they didn’t disappoint.  The sausages were firm yet juicy, the skin crunchy yet not overcooked or burnt.  Sitting there at the counter watching the cook fry sausage after sausage I was thinking to myself “one sausage for me, one for the customer” of all the varieties that we managed to try the pick of the lot was the Smoked Pork Bratwurst, we could taste the smokiness of meat with every bite, it was a subtle marriage between it and the sweetness of the pork, accompanied with some sauerkraut; heaven.  The big let down of the meal was the “I don’t really want to be here” attitude of the cashier, thankfully the rest of the staff there made up for it.  I suppose eating at the food hall of department store you tend not to expect too much, I’m just glad to have been able to give the Chili Padi her sausage fix!

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